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Peak Enzymes Testimonials

Think it is time to have a blog post about our Peak Enzymes and the benefits you are getting from the Peak Digestive and Systemic Enzymes. I had a phone call last week from a man that has used Wobenzym for his health in the past. He has reviewed our Systemic enzymes, saw how much better our formulation is, and is now a Peak Enzymes customer.

Judy in Wisconsin did a test with the Digestive enzymes. She broke one capsule and put it in a small bowl of oatmeal. She returned and the oats were dissolved.

Many people have digestion problems and supplementing with Digestive enzymes allows your body to use more energy in other areas of the physiological process. Our body normally uses up to 70 percent of its energy breaking down our food. So this is the reason people feel more pep when supplementing with our enzymes.

I started on Peak Enzymes about 5. October 2009 and am approaching one year of use. I take two of the Peak Systemic ‘Without’ a meal at bedtime which is about 3 hours after finishing my supper.

I then take one more when I rise for the morning at 05:00. That way I have the enzymes circulating through my body almost 24 hours a day. I exercise before breakfast and that way the morning systemic enzyme can break down and circulate through the blood.

I feel more energy and have perfect blood pressure. I am very much interested in the ability of the enzymes to keep my body healthy as I get older. I did not know that our pancreas has a limited ability to produce enzymes in our life time.

Judy in Wisconsin told me she was able to get off blood pressure prescription medications this year and she was very happy about that.

Our manufacturer Troy Aupperle consults with Dr. Halsworth who has written many articles about Nattokinase. Dr. Shinya in Japan wrote that the diet of the future will be able to help the body fight off cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Here is a recent note from a gentlemen in California:

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the phone call the other day.  I am very excited about the calcium complex and both the enzymes. I am working to get people on those products.  I have two on the calcium and working on making it three.  I am feeling great as well,very energized.
Jason in California

You can read more about Peak Enzymes on my website here:

Peak Enzymes

Daniel Parsons

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