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How to Have a Great Day

How to Have a Great Day

Welcome to my How to Have a Great Day post. I watched an informative program this morning on Three Angels Broadcasting ( 3ABN ) while exercising.

3ABN is a spiritual ministry that started in 1984. The channel is dedicated to helping people live a life of abundance spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Pastor John Lomacang interviewed Dr. Yvonne Lewis, ND.

Dr. Lewis presented a way to have a great day. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and is also a gifted singer. I have heard her sing on camp meeting programs. Here is her formula for having a great day.

How to Have a Great DayNorth America has the best doctors and medical treatment but we are facing disease epidemics never before seen. Death by fork is a serious problem today. Did you know that over 25 million people have heart disease? People diagnosed with diabetes has risen 400%. Cancer is killing millions every year.

What can be done to change this tragedy?

The Solution is 9 Principles Our Creator Gave Us for Health: GREAT DAYS

G    Good Nutritious Food
R    Rest, Relaxation and Stress Reduction
E    Exercise
A    Adequate Hydration
T    Thoughts That Are Positive

D    Detoxification
A    Acid/Alkaline Balance
Y    Yielding to God and His Plan For Your Life
S    Supplementation

How to Have a Great DayThe food we eat is medicine to our cells. Phytochemicals are the key to wellness. Did you know that tomatoes have 10,000 phytochemicals?

Ever since I started on my healthy eating lifestyle back in 2000, I have continued learning about how nutrition impacts our health. I am amazed at how I have much more energy now than I did when I was younger.

Plants have energy. You will notice the difference when you move from eating mostly animal foods to a plant based diet.

Sulphorophane boost the synthesis of anti cancer enzymes and is found in:

Brussel Sprouts

How to Have a Great DayIf you eat donuts for breakfast, have some potato chips for snacks, then eat a couple of cheeseburgers with french fries for lunch and then go home and eat some fried chicken for supper, your body is not getting any nutrition. Without nutrition, you will end up sick and one of the lifestyle diseases will be the end result.

You would never put diesel in a gasoline engine and should treat your body better than you treat your automobile. Your body needs nutrients to peform well. The original diet in Genesis 1:29 of fruit and herbs was what God intended for us. We are wonderfully made. Self Care is very important when we learn about How to Have a Great Day.

Dr. Colin Campbell’s book “The China Study” shows an extensive study where meat turns on the P53 cancer gene. Limit or remove meat from your diet for better health. You can get more than enough protein from fruits, legumes, nuts,  vegetables, and whole grains. Fruit and vegetables help maintain your acid/alkaline balance. Steam your vegetables at a low temperature so the enzymes and vitamins are retained.

Nuts are one of the best sources of protein and a good source of fiber. Nuts are high in antioxidants and reduce the incidence of cardiac deaths. Seeds carry life force and seeds are gland foods.

How to Have a Great DayThe Healthy Living category of this blog has many healthy and great tasting dishes that I have learned to make since I went vegan. You will never miss meat and dairy with these great tasting meals. Lose Weight Guaranteed

Whole Wellness Club offers supplements at a similar price you would find in your local health food store. Buying from your own store has tax savings benefits.

Contact Me to discuss supplementation with the highest quality health products that will provide your body with all the minerals and enzymes you need. I hope my How to Have a Great Day post has helped you.

Daniel Parsons


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