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Advertising Tips

When sending out marketing emails to your lists, it is imperative to tell what’s inside with your subject line. Using questions is a way to get your emails opened. Use call to action statements at the end of your messages and advertising. These are common call to action terms:

While supplies last
For next 24 hours only
Limited time
Act now before supplies are exhausted

There are three types of traffic to your website on the internet:
1. Direct is someone clicking your url
2. Indirect is your url on another website
3. Organic search is search engine traffic that lands on your site

One tip is when you do a Google or any search engine search, make sure you are not signed in to your account otherwise the results will be slanted towards you. You can also disable instant search in the Google search settings.

Google analytics shows you how much organic traffic is coming to your site.
Using these tools will help you find keywords that are getting much traffic. Then built some blog posts about those keywords and make sure you have SEO plugins on your blogs to get crawled by Google and the other search engines.

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