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Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Poultice

Activated Charcoal has been around for centuries as a remedy for many common health issues; from insect and snake bites to stomach poisoning and cancer. Activated charcoal is adsorbent as it adsorbs just about anything into itself.

Poultice ingredients:

For any injury or trauma to the skin. Be careful not to get the charcoal into an open wound as it will leave you with a black tattoo!

Activated Charcoal

Flaxseed meal/Psyllium Powder

Warm Water

Paper Towel – no colored designs

Take warm water and begin to add the charcoal to water. Grind flaxseeds to a meal and add until it becomes a paste. Place charcoal paste onto white paper towel or gauze. Apply to affected area and secure with a plastic wrap or gauze. Wrap with an Ace bandage, being careful not to wrap too tightly. Use overnight and remove in the morning. Depending on the type of injury, this may take several applications.

Slurry Water

Use for an upset stomach.

Add 1 Tablespoon of Activated Charcoal to one 8 ounce glass of water. Stir well and then allow to settle for several hours. Pour off the clear water on the top then drink freely. Since Activated Charcoal is an adsorbent, do not take this with any medication as it will affect the efficacy of the medication.

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  • This is very handy information Daniel. I am always looking for natural ways to bring about healing.

  • Activated charcoal is a very well researched technique for treating many ailments. I was looking for a solution for a health problem and thanks to your article, it is working great.

  • Deepak Bhagya

    Activated Charcoal really works for the first treatment when a snake bites.

  • Oge

    Thanks for this post Daniel! Had never even heard of activated charcoal, but it seems like a great natural cure for many health issues.

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