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The mass exodus of manufacturing jobs from North America to other nations around the globe began in earnest in the 1980’s. There is a way for us all to help create more jobs right here in the United States and Canada. Read the labels on the goods you purchase. If we all just start by purchasing 1 new product that was made overseas and buy a similar product that is made in North America instead, we will set the ball rolling to create a massive wave of new economic prosperity. Here is a sharp video from an enterprising young man:

Whole Wellness Club has high quality whole food nutrition products that are made in the USA.

Many of the nutrition products sold in the big box retail stores are made outside of the USA.

Don’t trust your health and wellness to products that are made overseas. You can register a free Preferred Customer account in the Whole Wellness Club on my website below:

Whole Wellness Preferred Customer

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