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What Is In the Food You Are Buying?

What Is In Your Food?

Did you know that only 10 percent of the dollar you spend on processed foods actually goes towards real food? Most of the money people spend on packaged foods ( commonly found in the frozen foods section of the market ) goes into processing, adding chemicals ( do you know what some of those ingredients are ) and marketing the food.

Our best value and best option for leading a healthy lifestyle is to buy foods in their natural state. Walk in your produce section and select apples, bok choy, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, kale, melons, peaches, pineapple, spinach, strawberries, and other seasonal produce items.

The best option we all have is to grow our own organic gardens where we live. If you cannot work the garden or have a garden due to your circumstances, check your local area for an organic farmers market. There are farmers markets here where I live in California two times each week. You can taste how good the fresh fruits and vegetables are as they have just been picked recently.

By eating foods as grown, you will detox all of those chemicals out of your body and add in all the phytonutrients from the above real foods and feel great!

Most disease begins as a result of the body not having the right nutrition for keeping the immune system strong. Think of your immune system as the protective shield around your body. When you provide the right nutrients, the shield remains strong. Eat junk foods with chemicals and the shield breaks down and your immunity gets weak and the next thing you know you are sick. The time to seek wellness is NOW, not when you get sick. You are your own best Doctor. Doctor means ‘teacher’.

I can offer you a couple of excellent wellness resources. Get our free book that lists how to seek Optimum Health & Longevity. There is a short form to fill out in the upper right of my website.

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  • Vincent Gabbeart

    Thanks for sharing this great news with us. In this modern age we have to be aware about our health. Having a look on what is in our food is really important for us.

  • Hi Daniel,

    This is definitely a subject that needs highlighting since we all seem to be so busy on a day to day basis and quick, frozen or pre-packaged food seems like the best option. Over the past several months I have been making a concerted effort to eat natural foods, such as some of the veg you suggested, fish and beef, lamb, pork etc. I can definitely tell a difference and my stomach and overall well-being seems better. It’s funny, because on the odd occasion that I do buy something frozen or with a ton of preservatives, I definitely feel it in my stomach and it actually makes me feel quite lethargic too.
    Thanks again! David

  • Great advice Daniel. If we keep preaching this message, people will eventually get the message.

  • I know right. That’s why my wife and I grow our food in our backyard. At least we’re assured it’s healthy

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