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Why Women Choose Liposuction Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Patients who suffer from physical symptoms due to their breast size can undergo breast reduction surgery to relieve their symptoms. Doctors believe that breast reduction surgery is an effective method for most patients; according to Dr. Ajaka, a breast reduction can ease pain and improve the shape and size of a woman’s bust.

Exceptionally large breasts cause a myriad of unwanted symptoms: back pain, mobility problems, sleep position problems, shoulder pain and self-esteem problems all stem from a bust that is too large. In recent years, the methods for breast reduction have improved greatly; women no longer need to worry about the scars and pain that were attributed to traditional breast reduction procedures.

A liposuction breast reduction procedure offers women an alternative; the procedure reduces breast size without scars and pain. Liposuction is a quick procedure that doesn’t take long to recover from.

According to Dr. Ajaka, liposuction breast reduction procedures have a low complication rate. The procedure is fairly easy to perform; it has predictable results. Women can undergo this procedure to reduce breast size without having to worry about complications.

The Procedure

The liposuction procedure is fairly simple when compared to other options. After visiting and consulting with a doctor, the patient is given antibiotics and anesthetized. During this time, the patient’s breasts are injected with a solution that decreases bleeding and offers pain relief.

Once the solution settles, small incisions are made on each breast; liposuction is performed through these small incisions. The doctor will remove a predetermined amount of fatty tissue. When the fat is removed, the incisions are closed and the patient is woken up.

Benefits Of Liposuction Breast Reduction

Women choose this procedure because it is not very invasive; the surgery is quick and relatively pain-free. Older methods use large incisions around the areola; this leaves an ugly scar. The large incision tends to be much more painful. Small incisions heal quickly and are less painful.

Traditional breast reduction surgery can take anywhere from two to four hours. A major procedure like this is very tough on the body. In general, it is wise to avoid going to the hospital for a major surgery unless it is important. With liposuction, the procedure takes no longer than an hour; generally, patients are done in half an hour.

According to Dr. Ajaka, recover times with liposuction are fast. The nature of liposuction is much less invasive than traditional breast reduction procedures. A patient can expect to be fully recovered within a couple of days.

When a woman gets liposuction, her breasts maintain their symmetry; doctors can easily extract fat with this procedure. The ease of this procedure allows your doctor to sculpt your breasts so they both look perfect; they can do this without damaging nerves and blood vessels.

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  • Interesting post Daniel. On a humoristic note, it reminds me of the episode of “Two & a Half Men when Alan suggests to Charlie’s girlfriend to have a breast reduction in order to alleviate her back pain. It was hysterical.

  • Barbara Arbster

    Interesting article. I knew several women years ago that had to have breast reduction surgery for health reasons … mainly to lessen back, shoulder and neck pain. I’ve heard that liposuction can be very painful and bruising afterwards but you hear good and bad so I’m sure much of it depends on the doctor’s expertise. I’m sure the technology for these procedures have really improved over the years as most any type of surgical procedures have.

  • Esther Lesperance

    My cousin has had breast reduction surgery due to poly-cystic breast disease and although it helped for some time her breasts are back to needing the surgery repeated. Thank goodness the procedure exists and is as successful as it is. Great article.

  • I know a friend who underwent breast reduction. Now she feels better and more confident.

  • Hi Daniel,
    Glad to see your post….I am very happy to see your informative post which helps me.
    Breasts are viewed as a major physical characteristic of a human body and almost every woman is concerned about their breasts. Breasts define women in our community and they’re also a part of a woman’s self-satisfaction and image. So, you need to know that long term satisfaction from breast reduction surgery largely depends on your beliefs and how well the surgery is performed.

    For many women, larger than normal breast size is an awkward and uncomfortable problem they have been living with. If this is you, then you’ll be well informed of the troubles that come with being unable to play certain sports, find bras that fit properly, difficulty sleeping comfortably, and the general aches and pains that come from your breast weight. Breast reduction is a solution that can bring you incredible relief and health benefits with minimum risk…

    When considering this procedure, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, it is best to withdraw treatments of liposuction alone for breast reduction, as this can negatively affect the shape and density of your breasts.
    Thanks for being sharing….Keep it up ?

  • Charles A. Walsh

    In male perspective, the reason why they had their breast reduced is that due to having the condition known as Gynecomastia is a condition in men with overly large breasts. according to research ” A male breast reduction surgery will remove the excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts. It’ll restore your chest into a flatter and firmer chest.”

    Source: https://beverlyhillsplasticsurgeons.com/male-breast-reduction/

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