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Duplication with VelociTea

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  • I’m looking forward to using the VelociTea. We are exposed to more toxins daily than we realize. This will be a great way to detox daily.

  • Yes Barbara, our world is becoming more toxic each and every day. The recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is just one more instance where man is destroying the earth.

    I was behind an older school bus yesterday afternoon and the diesel exhaust was so toxic. I decided to let that bus get way ahead of me and I did not mind poking along on a 50 mph road to avoid breathing in more of that filthy exhaust.

    We need to detox our body everyday. VelociTea is an excellent herbal cleanse and I am sharing the tea with people everyday.

  • Enjoyed your blog very much Daniel.
    I have been drinking our tea for 3 years this month and value it more each day.
    Barb A. sees this message, I would like to know where in PA she lives, we could be quite near each other.
    Keep up your fantastic ‘Whole Wellness Club Enthusiasim’ Dr Colette

  • Hello Kyani,
    This is a quick blogcast template from Go Daddy. This specific template is no longer available at Go Daddy. The files are .aspx

    I use Word Press paid blogs for all of my other blogs. This is my longest running blog online at this time.

    Feel free to ask any other questions as I am here to serve.

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