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Motivation Comes from the Heart and Soul

Hope Can Be Found Within the Human Soul

Have you ever noticed that every man, woman and child has the capability of love?

Love is the ultimate human emotion. This emotion is placed inside the human soul by our Creator.

Why are some people motivated and other people seem to struggle with life? Is it a lack of motivation? Do some people just have more drive or desire in life than other people?

I am not an expert about human emotions. I am not a trained health care provider. I AM a small business person that has noticed human behavior extensively since I began working for myself on the internet in 2005. My watching human behavior comes from having interacted with people from all over the world.

People that succeed are motivated. People that struggle give up for various reasons. How can a human being learn to motivate themselves? Watch this short video that I made about this issue.

So spending time developing our minds and training ourselves with healthy behaviors has a large impact on motivation. I know in the past I was depressed because I listened to network television news programs. Do you have any idea what the goal of these news programs are? Having as many viewers as possible. How do they get the most viewers? By broadcasting bad news and other breaking news about human problems, wars, suffering and disasters that are taking place every single day now.

In 2005, I began my self-development program. Here are some of the key adjustments I made to help myself overcome depression from putting negative media into my mind.

1. Continued Daily Exercise Program That I Started in 1999

2. Cut Out Listening to Negative Programs

3. Participation in Faith Based Church Twice a Week

4. Read Success Books and Motivational Books

5. Started Asking for Guidance on a Daily Basis

6. Started Daily Bible Study

My mood is much better. I do my best to be a positive witness in the world today. I am not perfect. I do not have a lottery ticket for anyone that is looking to build an internet business. What I do takes work. If  you want to come and work on our team and are not scared of doing a little consistent work every day, give me a call.

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  • We are the only ones that know what we truly want. We have our dreams, we are inspired to take action and this keeps us motivated to keep pursuing our dreams … our goals. The media is so full of negative information it is best to just stay away from it. Keep ourselves busy with healthy habits, stay surrounded with positive people… do good, help others and enjoy life.

  • Great post Daniel. I always wonder what makes some people succeed and others fail. My conclusion is the presence or absence of God in one’s life.

  • This is a very good motivation post. I enjoyed your post about motivation. I hope I can make more bucks in the future by following this post. Thanks Daniel for sharing your information. 😀

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