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Listened to a Dr. Neil Nedley recorded presentation that was done in 2005 at the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventist annual camp meeting. The topic was the frontal lobe of the brain. The frontal lobe is just on the other side of our forehead. It is the largest section of the brain and is the conscious and also makes the decision between right and wrong. You can learn more about the importance of the frontal lobe of the brain at this website: Frontal Lobe.

Did you know that sitting in front of a television or movie screen damages the frontal lobe of your brain? The creative part of your brain is located in the frontal lobe. The ability to decide between right and wrong effects many decisions we make each day. The frontal lobe decides whether to eat a healthy or unhealthy food and on when you are full. Appetite is controlled by the frontal lobe. The spiritual part of our brain is also located in the frontal lobe of your brain. How can you protect your frontal lob so as to remain creative and have the ability to make right decisions?

1. Protect from injury
2. Supply good oxygen to your body
3. Give good nutrition to your body
4. Get as much sunlight as possible
5. Exercise your mind by reading, crossword puzzles, games like Scrabble

Two examples from the Bible of engaging the frontal lobe of the brain in spiritual matters are evident in Acts 17 and Daniel 1:8.

In Acts 17, Paul reasoned with Jews and Gentiles in the synagogue for three Sabbaths, explaining why Christ died and rose again for our sins.

In Daniel 1:8, Daniel avoided wine and meats from Nebuchadnezzar as he did not want to defile himself.

Do you want to be open to spiritual promptings from God?

I can notice a big difference in my creativity in the past few months. I gave up network television a couple of years ago. I am thinking better and am creating projects that will help my network of people involved in our health business.

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