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Want a Real Happy Meal That Gives You Energy?

Nutrition Is the Key to Health

Why is a fast food meal of a hamburger, french fries and a sugar soda known as a Happy Meal?

Are the tens of millions of people that eat fast foods really happy?

The latest reports are that over 70 percent of North Americans are either overweight or obese.

I saw a man eating fast food in his economy car  today. His stomach was so large that it barely fit in the front seat when the man sat down in the driver’s side of the car! The steering wheel was touching his shirt.

I was overweight myself from 1994 until 1999. I ate what is known as the SAD diet ( Standard American Diet ). A typical day for me was having a pot of caffeinated coffee in the morning with sugary donuts or cereal that was sweetened by the manufacturer.

For lunch I would eat either bologna sandwiches or go to a fast food restaurant and have fried chicken, hamburgers or tacos. I drank sugar sodas and always ate desserts that may be part of employee picnics or events.

My supper was often spaghetti and meatballs or ordering a pizza. My body was not getting any nutrition so even though I was eating a large amount of food everyday, I was not getting the nourishment I needed for good health. I would get sleepy in the afternoon and not understand why I could be hungry only 90 minutes after eating a big lunch. The hunger signs were being sent by my body that the nutrients it needed for health were lacking.

What happened and how did I make a major change in what I ate and what I started doing to properly feed myself?

Sometimes a bad event can actually kick start a human in a better direction or path. In 1999, I met a group of people that were hiking up some small mountains in Southern New Hampshire. I had quit smoking the year before and realized I had gained about 70 pounds from years of eating a poor diet. I started hiking everyday and began to gradually modify what I put in my mouth.

In 2002, I had to attend some physical therapy sessions a couple of times a week after injuring my lower back from working at Alaska Airlines in Seattle, Washington. I was in my middle 40’s and realized that I had better take better care of myself. I have been using many of the exercises I learned from those therapy sessions ever since and am proud to say that I have some firm and tone muscles even though I am even older now. The 70 pounds of excess weight went away rapidly in 2000 and I have been eating a vegetarian diet since. I am almost a vegan. Giving up wild Alaska seafood was very hard for me so I still enjoy some cod, halibut or salmon about once a month.

In 2010, I was introduced to a powerful organic greens product that is grown in volcanic soil. The product gives the body dense nutrients and I have felt the extra energy ever since I started using Caldera Greens. The organic Alfalfa, Barley, Oat and Wheat grasses are grown in Utah on a caldera that is rich in fulvic acid, enzymes, and minerals. The company that markets the product also included some sea vegetation and spirulina to make the greens a very powerful super food.

How to Be Energetic with a Real Happy Meal

There are several ways people use the Caldera Greens. I have made tropical fruit smoothies every morning since 2010. I make enough for a large smoothie in the morning for breakfast and one for my lunch. The nutrition is so powerful that you can even replace your meals with the smoothies. I then have a sensible supper that includes some steamed fresh organic vegetables and some whole grains.

If you are ready for a change and want to give your body some powerful nutrition, you can take the money you spend on Happy Meals at a fast food restaurant and redirect that cash to purchase a 250 gram container of Caldera Greens. Just think about this math. If you spend $5 a day on eating lunch at a fast food restaurant and multiply that by 20 work days in a month, you come up with $100. One canister of our Organic Greens shipped to your door is only $51. So you could actually replace the money spent out on fast foods, sugary sodas and coffee and easily have enough to provide your body with some powerful nutrients. Read some of the testimonials that people have shared with me.


Diane in Ontario, Canada shared that she can now get out and walk for a longer time with her dog since she started using the Caldera Greens. She had been injured in a car wreck and had suffered some pain. Diane is enjoying being more active and working in her garden.

Judy in Wisconsin remarked that are digestive system is working much better. A close friend remarked about her complexion being so clear. Judy is very happy with the healthy glow her skin has now!

Luz in Washington works with her hands as a hair dresser. She was having sharp pain to the point where doing her job was difficult. She is able to move her hands without having the pain symptoms and noticed an improvement right away after taking the Greens.

Chuck in Montana remarked that he is able to stay alert all day. Before he got tired in the early afternoon.

Ella Mae in British Columbia, Canada shared that she noticed her day has much more energy, focuses better on her work and being level all day long without needing any caffeine. Ella recommends Caldera Greens to everyone that wants more energy and needs to be able to focus better on mental tasks.

Elizabeth in Ontario, Canada shared that she is now walking without her cane and feels much better on the 2nd day she has used Caldera Greens. She said that it was not easy to get up but now she can get up and be more active now.

Daniel in USA has plenty of energy to get through the day now. He is up at 05:00 every morning and lives an active lifestyle that includes daily physical activity like cycling, golf, hiking, walking, weight-bearing exercises, and yoga. Before using Caldera Greens, Daniel would get sleepy about an hour after lunch. His day is full and he can work well into the evening on websites and blog articles. Watch my video below as I share how passionate I am about the Greens.

If you would like to order the Greens, please visit my webpage below. Call me if you have any questions!

Tell Me More About Caldera Greens

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

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  • Sereyvorn Keng

    Hello Daniel,

    I agree.

    Nutrition really is key to living an abundant life. Whether your goals are to lose weight, get in shape, or just live healthier. You can’t do neither of them without feeding your body quality nutrition.

    For my own personal goals, I like to feed my body with healthy greens, complex carbs, quality proteins, and healthy fats.

    I also supplement with different types of whey proteins, green food shakes, multi vitamins and minerals.

    These all help with my muscle building efforts.

  • Nice post Daniel. I respect people who make changes such as you have to improve your health. I like the fact that you made gradual changes to your eating regime. Well done on achieving a better state of health.

  • Pete Achimedes

    YES please! I do not want to just go and get a lot of happy meals from fast food. I would love to live a healthy life!

  • Daniel, I agree with the headline above. nutrition is the main key to the health.

    For me personally, as if we cannot fulfill the nutrition which is needed by our body, we can get a very bad condition and have health problems.

    All in all, thanks for this article. I will buy one to increase my nutrition for the daily usage.

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