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Wellness Update for 6 August 2013

Whole Wellness Club

I do hope you are enjoying your summer vacations, time with friends and family and the warm weather. As summer quickly goes by, I have great news for you!

Whole Wellness Club is passionate about being the best wellness company on the planet. Three new products are going to be added into our back office over the next couple of months. Here is this week’s short update video:

1. Comfrey product is an anti-inflammatory product that comes from an herb.

2. Stabilized Allicin is nature’s anti-biotic. There are many health benefits associated with using Allicin including boosting the Immune System, reducing number and severity of any viral outbreaks like colds and flus, and lowering blood pressure. Mosquitoes do not bite people that have allicin in their blood stream.

3. Aloe Vera product will be the third new product we will have available to members. The formulator of our product cured his brain cancer using the specific formulation he has made. You will have the best and highest quality as a member of the Club.

Remember that Customers earn 20 percent commissions when they share Whole Wellness Club products with other people.

There is a 30 minute weekly webinar that I have on Monday evenings at 7 pm Eastern time. I share how I am finding new customers and people interested in a home based business. You can access my conference room without having to download any software to your computer. You will need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Just click the link to my webinar below and enter your real full name so we can get to know you. You do not need to enter a password:

Monday Webinar

You can also get Dr Chappell’s Wellness Guide for no charge by asking for it below. We hate spam more than you do and will never sell or violate your privacy!

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