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Best Wellness Business Pay Plan

Best Wellness Business Pay Plan

Best Wellness Business Pay Plan

Wellness Club

What is the Best Wellness Business Pay Plan? I am in the same direct sales marketing company since 2007. We have a powerful feeder program that pays out instantly as wide and deep as you can go on a $40 a month product that gives 9 out of 10 people a significant result in one day. So unlimited cash flow is just the beginning.

The main thing the Whole Wellness Club addresses is getting money into the hands of the inexperienced or new person to the direct sales industry.  When you can experience your first $100 earnings in the direct sales industry by just sharing a very effective cleansing product that everyone needs, you will be motivated to keep moving on to new income thresholds.

VideosThe parent company pays out 60 percent on a unilevel that goes down 6 levels. You earn at least $10 on each member of your sales team and the best thing is the volume that people generate includes all of their customers volume.

This means you have downline members with $300 to $500 and more of monthly volume and you earn 10 percent on each level of your organization. Imagine a sales team with people having $500 and more of monthly volume!

I have never seen a company pay out $30 to $50 per member. Let me know if you would like to know more!

We even have a free sample system that our shipping center ships out to people around the world for you.

It is totally free for people to get introduced to the most powerful system in the industry!

If you don’t have any money, you can still register and begin making sales to generate commissions into your commission account in the Whole Wellness Club.

There are no fees for websites, no annual fees and no smoking mirrors in the best online business available today!

Here are some resources for you.

Try a Free Sample of the Detox Tea

Detox Cash Cycler Program

Join Whole Wellness Club

You can find my contact details on my Contact Page

Daniel Parsons

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  • I was in many companies before WWC and have been approached by many over the years since 2007 but the Whole Wellness Club Pay Plan and products far surpass all the others. $40 a month investment with a 10% commission is unbelievable and you won’t find this anywhere else. If people would stop falling for all the hype out there … they could really make a huge change in their income and life style.

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