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Endurance and Energy

Hope everyone is enjoying summer. I had a very negative event happen to me on Thursday and am at a loss as to how our court system rewards criminals. No need to hash out any details as I have blown off my disgust and taken the appropriate action that I can up to this point. On to better things.

This weekend was a real blessing. The new pastor and his family came to church. A spiritual group I have been involved in for almost 17 years had a very large picnic out at Intalco. This is a recreation area of the Alcoa plant. The property sits up on a bluff overlooking the Straight of Georgia which leads out to the Pacific Ocean once you get around Vancouver Island. There are stunning views of the San Juan Islands from the property.

About 30 of us played softball for about 3 hours. We had good food, fellowship and a couple of speakers to wrap up the day. Sunday was a good day also for me as I knocked out a 5 mile bike ride through berry country. I am amazed at my energy level and stamina. I know it is the Peak Enzymes products I have been using for over 9 months now. My body is able to handle physical activity that it could not this time last year. The extra energy is awesome. Ask me if you want to learn more about unlocking more energy for your body.

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