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Vegetarians Have More Food Choices

It is a myth that meat eaters have more food choices than vegetarians. You mention vegetarian diet to a meat eater and the meat eater thinks that a vegetarian eats nothing but lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes. This is not true. When a person moves from eating meat to a vegetarian diet, a whole world of healthy and great tasting recipes open up. There is more variety in a vegetarian diet than a meat eating diet. Here is the logic and reason why:

1) There are hundreds of different varieties of fruits and vegetables
2) You can add these foods to whole grains, nuts, and legumes to create thousands of different dishes that taste great
3) Whole grain pasta and breads make excellent tasty and healthy dishes also
4) You can eat vegetables raw, steamed or cooked
5) It is easy to create spreads, dressings, coconut butter, and other flavorings to make your dishes taste great

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Daniel Parsons

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  • I think many people are becoming more aware that vegetarians don’t live on lettuce and carrots. Society is becoming more health conscious. I don’t know if I could be totally vegetarian but I think I could give up red meat. I’ll have to look into your recipes. Thanks for sharing.
    Healthy Blessings,
    Barbara Arbster

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