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Comparison between Doctor’s Best and Peak Systemic Enzymes

Enzymes are needed for every single reaction in your body. Enzymes are the most important supplement you can take. Did you know your body has the ability to produce a certain amount of enzymes in your lifetime? When you supplement with digestive and systemic enzymes, you free up energy that your body normally uses to breakdown your food and keep your immune system strong.

Troy Aupperle is our Peak Enzymes formulator. Troy owns Enzymology Research Center Inc. in Minnesota. He has scaled all seven of the highest summits on all seven continents. Whole Wellness Club hosted Troy on a recent conference call and he shared a comparison between our Systemic Enzymes ‘Without’ a Meal product and Doctor’s Best Proteolytic Enzymes. You can listen to that call by clicking here: Troy Aupperle Call

Whole Wellness Club has searched and found the best enzymes package available to offer people. Enzymes are powerful and help keep your immune system strong, remove plaque from your arteries, and help your digestion. People notice a difference right away when supplementing with Peak Enzymes.

On the call Troy mentions his formula has 4 times the protease activity versus the Doctor’s Best enzymes. Peak Enzymes also has Platinum Nattokinase and the Doctor’s Best does not have nattokinase in their formula. Our new formula will have 25 IU of Platinum Nattokinase or 2,000 FU.


Doctor’s  Best Proteolytic EnzymesPeak Enzymes ‘Without a Meal’
Serving Size 3 Servings per Container 30Serving Size 3 Servings per Container 30
Veggie Capsule no fillersVeggie Capsule no fillers 97 % enzymes by weight
Bromelain 576 GDUBromelain 500 GDU
Papain 10,077,000 PUPapain 6,000 TU
Neutral Protease 738 NUProtease 390,000 HUT
Fungal Protease 4.0   34,800 HUT
Bacterial Protease   62,250 HUT
Rutin 30 mgTroxerutin 30 mg
Serratiopeptidase 120,000 SPUSerrapeptase 80,000 U
Platinum Nattokinase (PN20K) 2,000 FU

Our enzymes are sourced from pure Japanese plant based enzymes. Contact me to learn more about how Peak Enzymes offers the best value.

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  • These enzymes can not compare with any other out there. Peak Enzymes surpass all other enzyme products on the market. The quality and value are exceptional. Only the best for Whole Wellness Club members !
    Peace & Healthy Blessings,
    Barbara Arbster

  • Would these enzymes help with someone recovering from a carpal tunnel syndrome surgery? I would definitely want to use these because I’ve had one procedure done and would like to recommend them to my friends.

    Yes, these enzymes are very therapeutic for relieving inflammation.
  • Yes, these enzymes are very therapeutic for relieving inflammation. Here is a recording from our manufacturer and enzmyes expert Troy Aupperle:

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