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Earn Money in the Whole Wellness Club

Income Testimonies

Bring Wellness Into Your Life and the Lives of Others!

If you have ever thought of what it would be like to have a successful home based business, earn the money that you deserve, and be able to live your dreams and reach your goals, your time is NOW!

The Whole Wellness Club, established in 2007 as a global leader in the whole food supplement industry is your answer!

Some of the best minds in the direct sales industry have launched Simplicity Pay!

Your Time to Succeed Is Here!

Barbara from the USA shared:

I joined the Whole Wellness Club in 2007 and love the freedom of working from home and being available for my family. The products are exceptional…high quality and the products work. The product formulations have helped me and thousands of members and customers all over the world.

The income I’ve earned enabled me to pay off my bills while enjoying the freedom of working from home and being available for my family. I was able to pay off over $12,000 of credit card debt the very first year that the company existed.

The products are the best quality in the natural wellness industry which is the basis for a very affordable lucrative income opportunity to anyone who wants it.

I believe you will not find another distributor friendly company out there and you are paid very well for your efforts. The owners have integrity and are a pleasure to work with for many years now!

Daniel from the USA shared:

When the company opened in 2007, I was amazed that I could earn some income by having my own health food store. The products helped my health and it is easy to share the products with other people. I had a few customers and other people interested in the business right away.

The last time I looked in my back office, I have over 250 preferred customers buying products from my WWC business. I have been able to work the business full time since the company started in 2007.

I receive a five figure income statement ( 1099 Miscellaneous ) every year from the owner Chuck Dhuey and report the income to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.

Since 2007, my personally sponsored members have earned different income levels. Some of the team have made a $100 or more which covers the members product cost each month.

Other members have earned anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $5,000 each month. Because there are some common misconceptions about the direct sales marketing industry, I point this out to anyone that says only the people that get in ‘at the top’ ever make any money. That is just not a True statement.

If you have the desire and work hard, you can make more money than I do each month. It is all up to your attitude, effort and knowledge. Keep learning and studying why people buy from people that they know, like and trust and you will take the actions necessary to get to your goal.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

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  • I absolutely love everything about the Whole Wellness Club. I was blessed to be with them since the beginning. They really do allow anyone who really desires and wants an opportunity to earn an extra income or even replace their current income with an affordable start up and products that work.

    Healthy Blessings,
    Barbara Arbster 🙂

    • Yes, Barbara! So glad you called me to tell me about this company! I had just graduated from college a couple of years before and had heard of the network marketing industry. I didn’t listen to the naysayers and negative thinking people. I went to work and now have a very large customer base and am working in a business that I really enjoy. Vitamin Green ( cash ) is something that billions of people need so showing them a solid path to a secure income is also a blessing!

  • Really excited about the 30 percent commissions the company is paying those of us in the field on our preferred customers orders!

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