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Whole Wellness Club Blitz Calls

Whole Wellness Club Blitz Calls

Welcome to our Whole Wellness Club Blitz Calls…We are a team of professionals joined together to build a network of successful home based entrepreneurs.

My name is Daniel, I am a Founding Member with The Whole Wellness Club.

The Whole Wellness Club is a company where members can purchase and receive their products wholesale, receive their products for free and they can earn commissions if they chose to……………..We are a Global company that started in 2007.

Whole Wellness Club Blitz CallsI have been with this company since 2007 and earning a significant monthly income and I’m very excited for you…because this is a very special company that truly cares about the distributors and adds value to lives.

Anyone with the desire for a successful business from home can do it with this company.

I commend you for taking a step and listening in for a few minutes for a brief overview about our company and what it can do for you, your health and your financial situation.

First of all…. I want to say we are a company formed by distributors and for the distributors. We are a down to earth and no hype company.

The owner is Chuck Dhuey, an experienced network marketer. Chuck took all the negative things he experienced over the years and created a positive, honest company with integrity……a pay plan that pays out a true 60% back to distributors…. and products that are of top quality and that really work….

Chuck Dhuey always states…”there are numerous companies out there that have products that are just an excuse for a pay plan.”…………………………………

Well…The Whole Wellness Club will not do that. We will only carry real products with value for the members…..we are on a mission to optimize your overall well being…to change lives with health and wealth.

We have a highly accredited team of experts that host our product calls including several Doctors.

Dr James Chappell as a company spokesperson and formulator of Coral Complex 3 and Cinnamon 6. Dr. Chappell is a modern day naturopath who brings us tons of expert knowledge of naturopathic remedies. He has a PhD in clinical nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, and a certified medical herbalist. He has been practicing since 1971.

Coral Complex 3 is a quality Bio-Available Coral Calcium with 72 Trace Minerals and Vitamin D3 which also assists the body into Alkaline Balance.

Cinnamon 6 is a special formulation that regulates blood sugar levels…a must for everyone especially Diabetics. It has helped many with low and high blood sugar.

In 2009, we were very excited to team up with Troy Aupperle……Troy Aupperle is the founder and CEO of Enzymology Research Center, Inc. and has established himself as one of the industry’s leading enzyme authorities. He has presented his enzyme seminars in six different countries and has been quoted in every major nutrition publication.

His digestive and systemic enzymes…Peak With and Peak Without are the best and highest quality available on the market. If you eat cooked food you need to supplement with these enzymes.

The Whole Wellness Club has a genuine desire to create more stay-at-home, self-employment income than any company in network marketing history.

We Have Real Products & Real Compensation

Whole Wellness Club Blitz CallsWe provide you with a compensation plan that is designed with the average network marketer in mind. Our system motivates and enables each one of our members to have a realistic potential to earn a stay-at-home monthly income of up to $5000 or more. This begins by accomplishing the small do-able task of sponsoring two or more people. The system encourages duplication of all our efforts. It creates the kind of group effort you’ve been looking for.

Our products and marketing system make sponsoring two or more people simple and easy. A minimum $40 CV purchase qualifies your position in the unilevel….….No sign up fee or expensive kit to buy….AND you never have to spend more on products unless it benefits you.

Each member gets several free self replicating web sites for wholesale and retail customers and you always have full control of your business in your back office.

You do not have to be on autoship but autoship orders receive discounted shipping.

Whole Wellness Club Blitz CallsThe compensation plan is phenomenal…no other like it out there… Simplicity Pay Plan is a Unilevel that pays out on 6 levels….and you are well on your way to several hundred dollars a month…then on to $1000 and then $5000 and more.

You earn 30% on Preferred Customer purchases.

It’s a fact that that most bankruptcies could be prevented with an extra $300 income per month.

Whole Wellness Club Blitz CallsYou came to this call for a reason…You want to make money and we have the solution………If you are serious about earning additional income or if you would like to create a full time income. I’m very confident that The Whole Wellness Club can help you achieve your dreams of financial security while improving your health…with their top quality products along with a powerful and amazing compensation plan.

By joining us you actually own your very own virtual online health food store without all the traditional expenses.

If what you just heard interests you….. or for more detailed information I encourage you to get back to the person who invited you right away.

Get back to the person who invited you here and let them help you get on one of the business opportunity calls…… answer your questions and assist you with your next step of joining us. You will have our team support.

Don’t Delay…..let us show you how to make $1000 a month. Come to our next Whole Wellness Club Blitz Calls to learn more. To support your efforts at building a business, there are two company calls each week. Come to the training on Tuesdays and Thursdays to learn more.

11 pm Atlantic
10 pm Eastern
9 pm Central
8 pm Mountain
7 pm Pacific
6 pm Alaska
5 pm Hawaii

Here are some phone lines you can use to attend our Conference Calls.

Atlanta 404-439-0092
Boston 617-603-1070
Calgary 587-887-1680
Denver 303-222-9727
Edmonton 780-851-2680
Halifax 902-982-3301
Miami 305-507-0364
Montreal 438-238-1980
New York 929-223-3001
Houston 713-401-1502
Portland 503-205-8988
San Francisco 415-633-4267
Seattle 206-402-0100
Toronto 647-847-8380
Vancouver 360-952-3089

Enter 530312 # when prompted to access the call.

Thank you for your interest…..I look forward to working with you on our Whole Wellness Club Blitz Calls….. and have a wonderful day.

Daniel Parsons

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