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Tapping Points

Eight Places on Body to Use Tapping

The human body has much energy running through the cells. Our bodies are ‘electric’. For over 5,000 years, energy therapy has been used in Eastern cultures.

Learning how to use your fingertips and tap on the eight meridian points in the body is very beneficial to people seeking drug free solutions to their distress.

Tapping is an excellent way to help people with physical or emotional problems. All you need to begin using tapping is a few minutes. There is no cost involved. You may want to research some videos and learn from people that have researched tapping and the benefits you can expect!

Natural healing solutions are available to everyone and are growing in popularity as people can get relief from distress without having to take pharmaceutical drugs. You should always consult your medical provider and follow their advice.  Here is the list of tapping points:

1. Top of the Head

2. Between the Eyes

3. Side of the Eyes

4. Under the Eyes

5. Under the Nose

6. Cleft of the Chin

7. Collar Bone

8. Under the Arms

I will share more natural healing therapies as I learn more myself. I have used an Avazzia Bio Feedback Electric Stimulation device to help relieve discomfort from some old joint injuries that I sustained when I was much younger. Star Trek medicine is here and keeping up with the latest advances in healing is a passion of mine. 

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  • Wade

    Cool Daniel, I look forward to hearing more about tapping. Anything that gets healing done for free and naturally gets my attention.

  • Shailender

    Hi Daniel,

    I too have heard about Tapping, even I tried it but was unsuccessful. I think it really difficult to use it unless any expert is guiding you about the correct way to use it.

  • Neil

    Sounds awesome!. Any natural method of healing is great.

    • Hello Neil,

      I agree 100 percent. I am studying essential oils now. I recently learned that lavender helps with sleep. I bought some pure grape seed oil and a bottle of lavender oil. I will make up a solution and add some to my shoulders and feet tonight before bed. Looking forward to a deep sleep tonight. Sleep is critical for repairing the body overnight. Here is a recorded call from Dr. Chappell that discusses treating skin conditions with Essential Oils

  • I never thought tapping could be so beneficial. Thanks for sharing this natural recipe for healing. Loved it!!

    • Hello Aayna,

      There is much to learn about the human body and how to care for ourselves with natural means. For thousands of years, there were no prescription drugs and people healed themselves with herbs, oils, and healing touch therapies.

  • I’ve been tapping on this parts for years now and I had no idea that it had that effect. That maybe the reason why I don’t go on a rampage unlike so many of my friends do. I’ve used this tapping just so that I could become calmer.

    • Hello Kelly,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with tapping. There are many health benefits from using natural means like herbs, oils, and healing touch.

  • That is great healing information and now I know why a relaxing massage always includes this too. Appreciate your share.

    • Hello Fatima,
      Thanks for sharing your results with everyone! Learning where to apply tapping will depend on each person’s individual needs.

  • Calra

    Leave it to the Easterners to discover a way to distress without having to rely on medication. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they have a longer lifespan. I’ll be using this tapping technique as a way to relieve stress next time.

    • Hello Calra,

      Thanks for your input! For thousands of years, man used herbs, oils and healing touch to treat pain and sickness. I always seek out a natural solution to the problems that I have. In my opinion, using prescription medications should be the last option. Everyone now realizes that prescription medications are toxic to the body and actually can cause more health problems.

  • Emilia

    I have attended a seminar where the speaker taught us a few tapping techniques to reduce fear and anxiety. I haven’t thought of it since then; but as I came across your article now, my curiosity is awake again and I look forward to learning more about tapping techniques.

    • Hello Emilia,

      I am open to learning all about ways to improve my health and well being. The one thing I promised myself is that I don’t want to end up in a bed and have to take a large amount of prescription medications that just bring on poor health. Thanks for stopping by!

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