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Save on Your Income Taxes

Tax day for Americans is 15. April 2010 and 30. April 2010 for Canadians. Did you know having a home based business can help you save thousands on your tax burden each year? There are around 230 deductions available to me as a home based business owner. What are the requirements?

1) You need to keep records of your expenses. I keep an excel spreadsheet and log my business miles in a pocket planner.
2) You need to spend a few hours each week engaged in your business. Many of my team members gave up television and work from their computer a couple of hours in the evening after working their day job.
3) You need to attempt to be in profit.
Please check with your Internal Revenue Service websites for all of the pertinent information.

How do you find a legitimate home based business to get started? Whole Wellness Club is the perfect opportunity for people to not only improve their health and wellness but also begin a secondary income stream. Whole Wellness Club (WWC) has been in business for three years. WWC is a global company that offers the highest quality health food products and durable goods that allow you to have your own health food store at your fingertips.

Find out more on my site here: Whole Wellness Club and subscribe to the form below to get much more information about our recorded health conference call library with Naturopathic Doctor James Chappell.

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  • Great info Daniel – keep up the great work – I know this time of the year is a PITA but one of those things you have to do lol

  • It is time for many to take their future into their own hands…working a “job” just doesn’t cut it anymore…especially for families. By working from home part time, additional income can be created and as well as taking advantage of home business tax benefits. Many people could really benefit with even just an extra $300 a month. Healthy Blessings to all, Barbara Arbster 🙂

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