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Is Fast Food Industry Killing Americans?

Fast Food Industry

Is the fast food industry killing Americans? As a child growing up in the southern part of the United States, our mother fixed home cooked meals everyday. We sat at the dining room table to eat meals that were prepared. As children we learned that you ate your vegetables and if you did not, you went to bed hungry. There was no junk food to eat.

I remember when the first fast food restaurants started opening in our home town. Watch my short video about how you can eat healthy food all week for less than you can go out to eat.

This article will cause some controversy as there are many people that believe what we eat is our own individual choice. That is true. Due to the budget problems that our nation is in as of January 2013, caring for sick people has become very expensive. Medical care costs have risen so high that walking into a clinic or hospital can be very expensive.

fast food industryA good debate would be discussing at what point should a tax be implemented on foods that are known to cause disease and illness. As Americans, we all realize that some change is coming soon. Our Medicare system is currently overwhelmed with sick people. The medical community is making a fortune treating sickness and does very little to promote wellness. Is the medical establishment’s reason for continuing to treat sickness and symptoms a financial one?

I have been observant of the people that walk into Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and other fast food industry restaurants. Many of the people that buy fast foods are overweight. Being overweight drastically increases the likelihood of having Diabetes and developing Cancer. The reason someone that eats these kinds of foods is hungry just an hour or so after eating a Super Size Meal of burger, fries and coke is the lack of nutrients in the food.

Processed foods in grocery stores are also a major problem. White flour has had most of the nutrients stripped out of the flour. Food manufacturers capitalize on the large sector of the people that are addicted to foods that have high fructose corn syrup, fat, sugars, and sodium. If you eat some donuts loaded with sugar in the morning, then have a burger meal for lunch and go home to order a large pizza, your body has received very little of the necessary nutrients it needs to be healthy.

To be fair, not all fast food restaurants are serving unhealthy foods. Subway has done a very good job with offering healthier alternatives to the public. You can even create your own healthy fast food by walking into a Whole Foods store and creating a salad from their salad bar. These are just a couple of choices. I have no affiliation with any of these companies as far as being paid to include these companies in my article. I also do not own any stock in those companies. I have eaten from their stores in the past when I was out on the road traveling.

healthy foodMany people spend time commuting to jobs each day. Because I am an entrepreneur and create income streams from my home office, I am able to spend time making healthy meals from scratch with the extra time that I have.

I enjoy creating new healthy vegan meals from scratch. Most of the time I never notice that the food I am eating has no dairy or animal products in it.

Ever tried eating Eggplant? The picture you see is an Eggplant Lasagna recipe that I found in 2012. The meal is delicious and the spinach, mushrooms, onion and eggplant are very healthy for your body. If you want some great recipes, check out my blog here:

Healthy Living Recipes

Hope this article helps you to see how affordable it is to order organic whole grains, flours and oats and fix healthy meals at home. If you want to make sure your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, read my page about our Organic Caldera Greens. The greens are a vegetable juice powder grown on volcanic soil in Utah. The greens are loaded with enzymes, fulvic acid, minerals, and vitamins. Many people have reported feeling much more energy after using our Caldera Greens!

Caldera Greens

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  • So true Daniel. All the processed and fast foods combined with lower activity has really contributed to weight problems. We all need to get back on track with proper nutrition and more physical activities for our future health sake.

  • Enlightening share Daniel.
    Fast food is the synonym for more fat, cholesterol, salt ,sugar and fewer vitamins and minerals . The health problems that stem from such eating habits severely limit lifestyles and shorten life spans. Nice share .

    • Hello Purnima,
      The fast food industry and many companies that make processed foods realize that the ingredients like fat, salt and sugar are addictive. These ingredients are added to foods by way of high fructose corn syrup and words like ‘natural flavors’. I am getting to the point now where I only buy fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains because there is no nutritional label to have to analyze! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Wade

    You make some great points here Daniel. In years gone by, I was a fast food junkie. Today, health consciousness and the economy help me to not overdo junk food. No matter how addictive junk food is, most people cannot afford it today.

    • Hello Wade,
      Yes, fast food companies know that excitotoxins that are added into many fast foods addict people to the fat, salt and sugary foods. That is why someone suffering from food addiction will do whatever it takes to go to a Burger place instead of eating some healthy plant based foods. Food addiction and obesity are just as serious medical conditions as someone that suffers from alcohol or drug addictions. I am going to make a healthy Caldera Greens smoothie in about 2 hours and will also make a raw food salad that will have fresh raw broccoli, red cabbage, a part of a carrot and some red leaf lettuce for lunch.

  • Fast food is easy to find, quick to obtain, budget-friendly (for some items), and addicting. As ridiculous as it may sound to some, it is a hard thing to escape once you’re hooked on the food. I think we have all battled or know someone who has struggled with eating too much fast food. It is definitely a real addiction that I have struggled through the years.

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