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Introduction to Creation Theory

Learned some more great knowledge this past weekend. Friday I went to the first presentation of Dr. Doug Newton’s Trinity Creation Studies. Dr. Newton is a very effective presenter of scientific evidence, has an incredible display of archaeological items, and an incredible slide presentation showing many of the images that the Hubble Telescope has captured. Here is a statement on his website:

It is my opinion that it takes less faith to believe in God and His intelligent design than to believe in Darwin and evolutionary theory. It is my hope and grand desire that following our presentation, when armed with scientific facts supporting intelligent design, that you, too, feel the same.”

The recent explosion of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State has provided scientists a laboratory for exploring how the earth can create layer upon layer of earth in just a matter of 3 hours. The presentation Dr. Newton did about Carbon 14 and how archaeologists date artifacts also supports Creation Theory that the world was created in six days as described in Genesis. The earth changed violently during the Bible Flood and the flood was more than just a water event. Great earthquakes happened and all of life on earth was destroyed except for life that was on Noah’s Ark.

The most incredible presentation was the last one where Dr. Newton showed us many slides that are recent images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. There are infinite galaxies out there in space at the most distant points where evolutionists believe the universe should be empty according to their big bang theory. The fact that Venus rotates clockwise while all the rest of the planets rotate counter clockwise is also amazing.

Dr. Newton’s final section also showed us a huge black hole in the Orion constellation is amazing. As a born again Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I believe that Jesus is coming for a second time to take home believers that HE is the Son of God and that His Death at Calvary paid the price for my sin and all believers.

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  • In 1938, a species of fish that was part of the evolution from a single organism all the way to a human being was harvested off the coast of Africa. Evolutionists say the Coelacanth has been extinct for millions of years.

    Being a college educated graduate of Washington State University and possessing an above average IQ, I find it impossible for any other form of life to evolve from a single genotype. There have been cast foot prints of humans discovered next to dinosaur prints in Texas. If man evolved from an ape, there should have never been human foot prints during the period of dinosaurs.

    The antediluvian period was the period of time between creation and the great flood. There was 30 percent oxygen on the earth. The sky had a pink hue because there was a stronger electro magnetic field. Writers such as William Whiston (A New Theory of the Earth 1696) and Henry Morris (The Genesis Flood 1961) describe the antediluvian period as follows:

    • People lived much longer than people today, typically between 700-950 years, as reported in the genealogies of Genesis;
    • The Earth contained many more people than the Earth contained in
      1696. Whiston calculated that as many as 500 million humans may have
      been born in the antediluvian period, based on assumptions about
      lifespans and fertility rates;
    • There were no clouds or rain. Instead, the Earth was watered by
      mists which rose from the Earth. (Another interpretation is that the
      Earth was covered completely by a global cloud layer; the upper waters
      mentioned in the Creation. This is commonly called the Canopy theory.

    Every human and animal was much larger. There have been femur bones of 4 feet discovered by archaelogists. Man grew to over 12 feet tall. Society was much more advanced and the people were smarter than we are now.

    Creation Theory is a religion just as Evolution Theory is a religion. I believe the Creation story as told in the Bible. Just read about Mt. St. Helens and understand that layer upon layer of earth can be formed in a short 3 hour time span when an eruption occurs. It doesn’t take millions of years for our earth to have violent change. Mammoth Mountain in California is still active and if an eruption occurs, the explosion would be much larger than Mt. St. Helens. Yellowstone in Montana also would be a very large display of how the earth can explode and create layer upon layer of stone.

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