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Simple Steps Help You Lose Weight

Simple Steps Help You Lose Weight

Welcome to my Simple Steps Help You Lose Weight blog post. Have you noticed that glasses, plates and silverware are larger now than they used to be?

Simple Steps Help You Lose WeightDrink one half your ideal body weight in fluid ounces of pure water everyday. Do not include fluids that are not pure water. The color of your urine in the toilet will tell you if you are hydrated. Your urine should look either very light yellow or almost clear. If your urine is dark yellow, you are not hydrated and your health will be affected. Many times a person will reach for something to eat when their body is actually thirsty for water.

Serving utensils are also much larger than a Tablespoon. I have noticed myself piling on a nice looking dish on my plate with these large serving utensils. By using smaller serving spoons, we can reduce the amount of food we put on our plates.

When you go to a church fellowship meal you will notice that the serving spoons are quite large. There is a way to help yourself eat less and not feel deprived. Downsize the glasses, plates and silverware you use to put less food on your plate.  Only use 8 fluid ounce glasses instead of the 16-32 ounce glasses that are common today. You will have a plate full of food on the smaller plate so you won’t feel like you are hungry because you did not get enough to eat.

Simple Steps Help You Lose WeightOne key to longevity that a group of people aged 100 and over shared is to quit eating when you are 80 percent full. This reduces the amount of food you eat and reduces the amount of work your body needs to do to digest and utilize the nutrients in the food.

If you drink alcohol, downsize the glass that you drink wine in to keep you from filling up a large glass. Alcohol is very high in calories and is not conducive to weight loss. The calories are ’empty’ and there is no nutritional benefit derived from alcohol use. You can eat muscadine grapes to get the health benefits and anti aging properties of resveratrol.

Have you ever broken your dominant arm or wrist? I did many years ago and had to learn how to use a fork and spoon with my left hand. Try slowing down when you eat your meals by eating with your left hand if you are right-handed and of course right hand if you are left-handed. You won’t be able to eat as fast and you can chew your food slower.

If you have a family, sit down at a table and share during meal time. This will allow you to enjoy meals together. If you are single, don’t sit in front of a television and eat. Focus in on your food and enjoy seeing, smelling and tasting your food. Make meal time a pleasurable experience.

I remember being able to sit out on a screened porch as a child and young adult when visiting my grandparents. It was fun to be outside eating and not worry about the mosquitoes or bugs that are prevalent in the southeastern part of the country. Being outside at picnics or porches is a way to be present with the world while enjoying a meal.

Simple Steps Help You Lose WeightUse a 15 minute meditation practice before your breakfast and supper each day. By taking time out of our hectic world and being silent to focus in and be mindful of our bodies, we can greatly diminish the need for over indulging in food, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. Do some deep breathing and use a ‘mantra’ to help you focus in on your body during your silent meditation.

Drink some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV ) everyday. Studies show that ACV helps alkalize the body. ACV also helps the body break down fats instead of storing them. People also notice improved bowel movements and regularity which helps the body remove toxins.

Simple Steps Help You Lose WeightMy weight loss journey began in 2000 when I needed to lose 60 pounds to get to my ideal body weight. I gave up white sugar, white flour, donuts, junk food and sodas and moved towards a vegetarian diet. The weight came off quickly and I have been right at my target weight since 2001. I use daily exercise and many other tips that I share in my website to stay healthy, trim and fit as I age.

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom right of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Hope the Simple Steps Help You Lose Weight post will be useful for you.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons


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  • Wade

    Great post Daniel, another tip is to drink some water prior to eating as it will keep you satiated for longer. I agree fully with eating slower, that is a trick I learned long ago.

    • Hello Wade,
      Yes, your tip about drinking water will be added into my post. Was tired when I wrote that article and included that suggestion in my Weight Loss page.

  • Neil Wade

    Some nice suggestions here Daniel. Using a smaller plate is a great way to start cutting back slightly. Even 10% less helps to reduce calorie intake.

    • Hello Neil,
      Yes, a pound consists of 3,500 calories. By reducing portion sizes, people can lose a pound or two each week and the weight will stay off by following the principles you and I write about.

  • Hello Anne,
    If people will move away from eating and drinking unhealthy foods and beverages, they won’t need to take any pills at all. However, human nature is difficult to change and some people will still try to lose weight with pills even though they sit on the couch too long and eat pizza and drink sodas loaded with sugar.

  • Becca

    Wonderful tips you got. I will definitely follow your tips here because since I started working online I gain weight like that not happen even before.

    • Hello Becca,
      I will continue to share as I learn what benefits people in their efforts to live a healthier life. I also am on the computer much of the day so I enjoy my time out walking and the time I spend doing some stretching, weight bearing exercises and yoga. Doing a 7 Minute Workout helps me keep my muscles strong and then my body burns calories the rest of the day even though I am sitting at the computer.

  • Hello Lisa,
    There were no overweight people 60 years ago. The obesity epidemic is mainly due to the exploding growth of fast food establishments that offer people processed foods that have very little nutrition. Sixty years ago people still were much more physically active than they are now.

    If you want to get the weight off for good, may I suggest a total behavior change? That is what worked for me since 2001 and today I will do some exercise, will go for a 30 minute walk, will eat foods that have nutrition and I am worth it!

    Go to your grocery and pick up some fresh fruits, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables and whole grains and your body will get the nutrients it needs!

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