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Say No to Lap Band Surgery

Say NO to Lap Band Surgery-Fad Diets-Pills-Potions

Welcome to my say no to lap band surgery post where you can get the information you are seeking to make the right choice for you. Obesity is a serious problem in North America.

How many diets have you tried to reach your ideal weight?

How many different pills and potions have you tried?

Are you having a hard time understanding the fad diets that are here today and gone tomorrow?

Are you considering expensive lap band surgery? ABC News reported that the Lap Band Surgery has some serious side effects.

Is there a simpler way? YES

Our body needs Nutrition. The main reason we eat is to provide the proper fuel for our body to sustain itself on a daily basis.

say no to lap band surgeryIf your breakfast consists of donuts and coffee and then you have a snack of sweet rolls and more coffee, your body is not getting what it needs to function properly. Eating foods that have amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins is what your body craves. The reason people get hungry an hour or so after a breakfast of donuts and coffee is that the body did not get the nutrients mentioned above. Watch this video and then start following the simple steps I list to get your body to the ideal weight you should be.

Simple Steps to Achieve Your Ideal Weight

  1. Eat Foods As Grown-If the food you buy has a nutrition label, be careful and read the labels. Focus on eating beans, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains. Only buy healthy foods from the grocery and you won’t have any junk food in your house should you be tempted for something that is loaded with fat, salt or sugar.
  2. Drink Pure Water-Leave Coffee and Sodas Behind. Your cells need hydration from pure water. Your body does not need the acid that is in coffee or soda.
  3. Exercise on a Daily Basis-Walking at least 30 minutes a Day is the best prescription your medical provider can ever give you. The benefits will save  your life and stimulate weight loss. You will feel better and sleep better.
  4. Eat Supper at 5:00 pm if possible. Going to bed on a full stomach does not give you the rest your body needs. By eating earlier,  your food will be digested and your body can rest better at night. Avoid snacks at night. I take about 12 minutes each evening to do a thorough brush and floss on my teeth along with an alcohol free mouth rinse to remove plaque from my teeth. I am never tempted to eat snacks after taking all the time to clean my teeth.
  5. Participate in support groups with people that are on a similar path. You can meet fellow health enthusiasts in your local community or in online forums. Studies show that support groups help people reach their goals more than people that attempt to make permanent behavior changes on their own. Ask for help from your local faith community also.
  6. If you have a lapse and eat something that is not on your new menu plan, don’t beat yourself up to the point that you lose your focus. Just pick yourself up and move forward because you can do anything you set your mind to achieve.
  7. There are 21 meals per week if you eat 3 meals per day. If 1 out of 21 meals is not as healthy as it should be, don’t destroy your goal over that one meal. Be careful to not let other people sabotage your goals of getting to your ideal weight.
  8. Supplement with Organic Whole Food Nutrition. Caldera Greens is a remarkable product that gives your body dense nutrition. Our food is grown in soil that has been depleted of minerals that our body needs. Caldera Greens are grown in volcanic soil in Utah and people notice the difference the very first day they use the greens.

Read more about Caldera Greens on my page below:

Caldera Greens

say no to lap band surgery

Caldera Greens

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom right of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

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  • Great info and healthy advice. Proper nutrition and exercise is the way to go for healthy weight loss. The hardest part can be getting started but once you set you mind to it and you start, you will feel the difference and want to continue. You will feel more energetic and alert. Thanks so much for your info.

    • Hello Barbara,
      You are so right about feeling more energy. I used to be sleepy in the afternoon and now I am able to be alert all the way till bed time. Our body was meant to be at a proper weight.

  • Michael

    Hi Daniel,

    Great advice. I particularly liked the toothbrushing tip!

    The easy availability of donuts and coffee on every street corner not to mention all the other fast food outlets that make up the diet of a large proportion of the population makes it difficult to adhere to a healthy eating plan. Hence the need for education at an early age about what constitutes a ‘healthy diet’. But like exercise it’s never too late to start eating right!

    • Hello Michael,
      It is true that businesses cater to what people spend money on. It would be difficult if I tried to open a vegan restaurant here in the town where I live. People are ‘addicted’ to fat, sugar and salt as well as MSG and natural flavors that food processors add to packaged foods.

  • Nia

    Thanks for this post, makes me realize I need to be more consistent with my exercise, I think it would definitely be good for my mental health too as sometimes I don’t leave the house for days!

    • Hello Nia,
      Daily walks get the blood moving in your body, fresh air into your lungs, and help stimulate the organs in your body including the colon. If the sun is shining, you can also get vitamin d3 through the sun exposure on the skin.

  • Lady

    Excellent advice. I particularly liked the tooth brushing tip!

    The easy option of donuts and java on every street corner and all the other fast food stores that make up the diet program plan of almost all of the population makes it difficult to adhere to along with a eating plan. Hence the need for understanding at an beginning age about what is really a ‘healthy diet’. But like exercise it’s never too late to start taking right!

    • Hello Lady,
      I have a choice. I can take a little bit of time here at home and make a healthy breakfast and prepare a healthy salad for lunch. I also make a fruit smoothie with Caldera Greens vegetable juice powders to take with me. I have a large lunch box that keeps my smoothie and salad cold in the car until I am ready for lunch. Then I just make sure I have enough whole foods from the grocery store to go home and make a healthy evening meal which is my smallest meal of the day. Here are some great recipe options for someone that is ready to make the change to a healthy eating lifestyle:
      Healthy Meals Taste Great

  • Becca

    Healthy living and healthy lifestyle are still the best solution. Wonderful tips.
    Very interesting article that you’ve posted. Found the views to be quite informative
    and intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Becca,
      I plan to be around for many more years to come. My choices today have a large impact on the quantity and quality of my life. Enjoy these recipes and please share with other people that also want to make the move to a healthier lifestyle:
      Healthy Recipes Taste Great

  • Neil

    If you pick up weight quickly, you have to be so careful. A cup of coffee and a donut is 1000 calories. This does not leave much calories for the rest of the day.

    • Hello Neil,
      You are so right about quick calories. A bowl of whole grain oats ( oatmeal ) with blueberries in the morning has 200 calories. You are getting soluble fiber that fills you up. The reason people eat donuts is the addiction to sugar and fat.

  • Johnie Lov

    Very nice video and this article is what I should recommend my wife to read. She eats late supper and goes to bed loaded. That is why despite her weight loss program she is not making progress.

    • Hello Johnie,
      By eating the evening meal earlier, when we lay down to sleep our body has finished the digestion process and you will sleep better. Every part of our health is connected so learning the healthiest way is my mission in life.

  • Wade

    Add milk and sugar to your cereal and it becomes 400 calories. This is an insane way to start the day. There are much better options in terms of what one could start the day with. I also agree that surgery for weight loss is unnecessary for the bulk of obese people out there.

  • Anne Staley

    Nice Video Daniel ! This is amazing healthy living information found here… I really enjoyed it. Thanks very much for sharing it.

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