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Just finished reading John Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. This is a must read book if you are leading or want to lead an organization, business, church or any professional enterprise. Being that I am a professional and work in the home based business industry, I find reading these kinds of books that motivate are a better use of my time than sitting on a couch watching some television program. By putting in positive messages into my sub-conscious mind, I will experience positive behavior, results and actions in my life. Here are the Laws:

1.  Law of the Lid
2.  Law of Influence
3.  Law of Process
4.  Law of Navigation
5.  Law of Addition
6.  Law of Solid Ground
7.  Law of Respect
8.  Law of Intuition
9.  Law of Magnetism
10. Law of Connection
11. Law of Inner Circle
12. Law of Empowerment
13. Law of Picture
14. Law of Buy-In
15. Law of Victory
16. Law of the Big Mo
17. Law of Priorities
18. Law of Sacrifice
19. Law of Timing
20. Law of Explosive Growth
21. Law of Legacy

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