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Peak Enzymes Comparison with Zymessence

On our weekly Whole Wellness Club conference call, a comparison was done between Peak Enzymes which is a package of Digestive and Systemic Enzymes with a leading enzymes product on the market known as Zymessence. Here are the results:

Zymessence is a tablet that has 7 added excipients including sugars and dicalcium phosphate. There are some animal based enzymes in Zymessence. The cost for a bottle is $81. You pay about 45 cents per enzyme tablet.

Peak Enzymes are pure Japanese plant based enzymes that are 97 percent enzymes by weight with no excipients. Peak Enzymes are easy to swallow veggie capsules that have twice as much Bromelain versus Zymessence. There is four times as much Protease and twice the Serrapeptase in the Peak Enzymes.

The cost for a package of Peak Enzymes ‘With’ Digestive and ‘Without’ Systemic Enzymes is $80 for a month supply. Whole Wellness Club has the best value on the market for anyone looking for high quality enzymes that improve your health. You can order a package of Peak Enzymes from my website here:

Peak Enzymes

Here is some suggested reading to learn more about improving your health with enzymes: Enzymes and Your Health

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  • I was on that call and it was excellent. All of Troy’s calls are so informational. These enzymes are phenomenal and I personally and highly recommend them. I’m grateful for the energy stamina and well being I’ve received from them. These enzymes are definitely a product everyone needs so much more than they realize. Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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