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Your Choice: Naturopathic Health or Allopathic Health & the FDA

If Jesus was alive today and healing people like HE did over 2,000 years ago, he would be arrested. Due to government regulations, our nation has a sickness business. That sickness business is run by the FDA which is the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is a big machine that is charged to regulate our food and medicine. Big pharmaceutical companies have vested interest in this sickness business we have now. We do have an option though if you don’t want to go the traditional way of healing which consists of pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, and the allopathic approach to health.

Ever since Hippocrates practiced medicine on this earth, which was 460 BC or over 2,400 years ago, natural healing has been an option. Hippocrates used herbs to cure people. He knew about ‘sweet urine disease’ which is diabetes. Hipporcrates used anecdotal evidence then as his patients reported what worked on their ailments. Listen to Dr. Chappell talk about this subject here: Natural Healing

Our nation is now under attack. The FDA now wants to limit naturopathic health businesses and the use of patients testimonials. Sabot is the root of the latin word sabotage. A Sabot is a person that has a vested interest in moving people away from the truth. These Sabots are attacking those of us in the naturopathic health business. These people are agents of the big pharmaceutical industry and they ask questions to create doubt. The typical question is: “Do you have documented clinical evidence to support your claims?” Because the big pharmaceutical industry can afford these long and exhaustive studies with placebos and control studies, they ask the same question of natural health companies because if we can get people well, big pharma loses.

The truth is that human beings need nutrients to survive. If a sick person begins using some of the suggestions we in the naturopathic health business promote, the sick person can start to recover. The body knows how to heal itself. One of the main health problems is people are not drinking enough water. We show people how to move their body towards health. By watching what you eat and drink, your body can begin to heal itself.

Here is a 90 year old study that big pharma hates: Jack LaLanne has been sharing how he is vibrant and active in his 90’s. He is still on television showing a juice machine. He juices vegetables. Vegetables are a natural substance. Hiromi Shinya, MD of Japan, states in his book: “The Enzymes Factor” that enzymes can cure cancer and heart disease. We don’t have the right to say that in the USA. We need to take our nation back now.

I choose Natural Healing. Eleven years ago, I quit smoking. I started exercising. I lost over 60 pounds and am very close to my ideal body weight. I drink a gallon of distilled water each day. I exercise each day. I eat no animal products. My diet is the Bible diet of fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains. I use several health supplements from naturopathic health companies. I feel great today. I would be dead if I had not moved in the direction I went when my health was on the line in 1994. PRAISE GOD !

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  • Sage Syzaree

    I too choose a naturopathic approach to health. I simply do not get sick anymore due to shifts in my lifestyle. My decision was based on an educated choice. All it takes is a little research and people would realize that conventional medicine is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies. Great article.

  • Nice Post about which medicine practice to follow for achieving overall health! Thanks for sharing with us.

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