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Better Nutrition from Whole Food

Better Nutrition from Whole Food

Welcome to my post about Better Nutrition from Whole Food.

Don’t know if you saw the news reports recently about Calcium Supplements and health on ABC News. I have grabbed the link for you and will post it at the bottom of this message to show that I have a spirit of cooperation with the orthodox medical community.

I believe that taking just a calcium supplement is not a good idea. Getting a complete minerals product that also includes the other minerals your body needs is vital to long term health. If a person takes just a calcium supplement, you can easily throw your bodies mineral needs out of balance. Our bodies need:

  • Boron
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Sodium

as well as 72 trace minerals besides Calcium. I highly recommend reading Dr. James Chappell’s small book titled: The Miracle Elements: Fossilized Stony Coral Minerals. You can purchase this book from my page here:

Dr. Chappell Minerals Book

Better Nutrition from Whole FoodWhole Wellness Club hosted Dr. Chappell on 30 May 2012 and we recorded the call so the public can decide for themselves about Whole Food Supplements. Here is the link to that recording:

Misinformation & Propaganda

Our soils are depleted of minerals. The US Congress had a study done in 1934 and a report came back from the Agriculture department stating that the soil had become depleted of minerals. The food supplement industry has grown up as a result of this fact. People have taken vitamins for years. Vitamins are important and minerals are just as important. The body breaks down the food we eat to get nutrients into your cells so Better Nutrition from Whole Food is very important for good health.

Many studies are published in nutrition journals about how people get ill because of a lack of minerals. You can read more about our Complete Minerals product that is harvested from above sea coral polyps on my page here:

Fossilized Stony Coral

Better Nutrition from Whole Food

Whole food supplements are bio available. There has never been a reported death because someone was taking a whole food supplement. An average of 685 people die from mistakes that orthodox Doctors make on a daily basis. Doctors are important however we should remember that they ‘practice’ medicine. I chose to follow Naturopathic Doctors as that is what Hippocrates practiced thousands of years ago. Naturopathic Doctors believe in the ‘Do NO Harm’ principle in their quest for natural healing. I am thankful for Orthopedic Doctors should I break a bone.

I am going to continue using my whole food supplements on a daily basis. Here is the link to the report from the News that I mentioned in the beginning of the blog post.

ABC News Report

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  • trish

    Your blog includes really awesome articles ..Beneficial for the reader and I hope you will give us more posts like this one.

  • Neil

    Well written post. It is so important to take supplements and eat whole foods. The soil is certainly depleted of minerals and this is why so many people are mineral deficient today.

    • Hello Neil,
      If our body does not have one mineral that it needs, sickness and disease will be the end result. If people eat fast food on a daily basis, their diet is not supplying their body with the nutrition it needs. Caldera Greens is an excellent way to get dense nutrition in a whole food product. I make fruit smoothies everyday and add a couple of scoops of the Organic Greens into the blender. Find out more about the Greens below:
      Caldera Greens

  • Nutrition is important for health and also for maintaining body. You are right that healthy life must require enough sources of nutrition and minerals. Thanks for information about fitness and healthy life through whole food.

  • Getting enough vitamins and minerals is important for maintaining our health. People like me lack good nutrition information. I’ll check the link after this. Thank you Daniel for sharing.

  • Wade

    Great post Daniel. It is so important to have a balanced diet. Thankfully, there are options today that allow people to to get everything that their bodies need.

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