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Toxic Substances and How to Avoid Them

Toxic Substances How to Avoid Them

This article, Toxic Substances and How to Avoid Them deals with the environment we live in today. How much do you think about toxic substances? Most of us use products with toxins in them and take in toxins every day. Our modern lives are often dependent on toxin-laden products that we use without every really thinking about the possible effects. We should do, as there is plenty of medical evidence of the damage that is being done to our bodies all the time. Toxicants are found in our water, food and air: it is impossible to avoid them completely. We can reduce our intake of them, and we can help our bodies get rid of them.

What are Toxicants

Toxic Substances How to Avoid Them

Toxicants are poisonous substances that have their origins in plant or animal matter. They can cause disease, including cancer, developmental and neurological disorders. They can also cause severe allergic reactions. Toxicants make their way into our food and our environment in a number of ways, but can do so wherever chemicals are used. Pesticides used in farming can affect our food, and can also make their way into the water supply. Toxic run-off from industrial farms can sometimes end up affecting fish, making them toxic when eaten. Toxic chemicals are added to all sorts of household products, particularly cleaning products. There are various airborne pollutants from factories and vehicles in the air, especially in urban areas. It is impossible to escape toxicants.

Toxicants and Disease

There is strong evidence linking exposure to toxicants to disease. Most damaging may be long-term, low-level exposure to toxicants in the environment. Some chemicals are dealt with by the body quickly, while others are more difficult for the body to deal with. Over time, they slowly build up in our bodies, sitting in our tissue. Women can pass on chemicals in their own bodies to their children when pregnant, and so many of us are born with toxicants already in our bodies.

Much research has been done into toxicants, and many direct links between them and certain diseases found. For example, the link between lead absorption and disease is well-known, especially its link to developmental disorders in children. Mercury is another common toxicant, causing damage to the brain, heart, lungs, kidney and immune system. You can find some more information about research into particular toxicants and disease here. These direct links are almost certainly only a small part of the story. With all kinds of chemicals and organic toxins building up in our bodies all the time, it is impossible to carry out research into the effects of every different combination. However, we do know that incidence of unexplained diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and physical problems such as infertility is rising. It does not take much to work out that constant exposure to toxic substances cannot be good for our health.

Can we Avoid Toxicants?

It is impossible to avoid them altogether, but there are some sensible steps you can take to cut down on your exposure to toxicants.

–          Switch to natural cleaning products, rather than using chemical ones. You will be surprised at how effective they are. Just remember that previous generations managed just fine without harsh chemical cleaners.

–          Be careful about using make-up, creams, powders and other products on your skin. Try to use as few products as you can, and look for natural alternatives where possible.

Toxic Substances How to Avoid Them–          Buy organic, unprocessed foods. Better still, grow your own. Pesticides used in agriculture are a major source of toxic chemicals, but they are not needed. Any foods that have gone through some kind of factory processing may also have been exposed to chemicals: stick to fresh wholefoods as much as possible, for both long and short term health benefits.

Toxic Substances How to Avoid Them–          Try and avoid atmospheric pollution. It’s difficult to do, and sometimes you just can’t avoid travel through polluted rush-hour cities, but avoid it when you can. Do your bit too: ride a bike or walk if possible, rather than driving your car.

As well as avoiding toxicants, we can also take steps to try and flush those we do ingest out of our bodies. Some foods help our bodies cleanse themselves. Leafy greens like spinach and kale are good, as is beetroot, artichokes, certain berries and seeds and many others. You can also try a free sample of VelociTea to help you on your way!

If you have any ideas about Toxic Substances and How to Avoid Them, please share below in the comments section of my site.

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  • Joy

    If I microwave food I never use plastic containers in case the heat releases toxic plasticisers from them. I prefer to use glass.

    • Hello Joy,
      Thanks for the tip about microwave ovens and heating food. I sold my microwave oven in 2006 and just use the regular stove top and oven to heat meals up.

  • The majority of process foods today have toxic substances because of the preservatives that the food processor
    uses. Sometimes they put too much preservatives to make it more tasty so most people like it better. But they have no idea that it is full of substances that are not good for our health.

    • Hello Becca,
      I do not buy processed foods anymore as I agree with what you said. If it has a nutrition label, I don’t buy it unless it is just brown rice or other whole grains. All the fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains I do buy have no nutrition label.

  • Neil

    Toxins are difficult. They are very hard to avoid and can be incredibly dangerous and harmful. I believe that eating healthy organic foods and ensuring that one has enough vitamins and minerals will go a long way towards getting rid of toxins.

    • Hello Neil,
      I agree that a diet that has the proper level of minerals is a key to good health. Drinking pure water also helps cleanse the body.
      We need to be careful on how we supplement with Minerals. Just taking a calcium supplement is not advisable as our body needs the full spectrum of minerals. I share some valuable information about Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and 72 trace minerals on this page
      Complete Minerals

      • Wade

        I agree with you 100% Daniel 🙂

  • Pete

    The atmospheric pollution is extremely hard to get away from!

    I lived in Boston for roughly 5 years, and never owned a car. I biked 4 seasons and used my motorcycle whenever I needed a little more power. Whether it be sitting behind a bus, or waiting for the T to pass, regardless of vehicle, I inhaled fumes.

    When you live in an urban environment, it’s hard to get away from it all.

    Great Post, check mine out, more to come!

    • Hello Pete,
      It is hard to get away from toxins. Even if you live in a relatively clean environment, our food and water can still not be toxin free. I had a small farm in Washington State and there was a cattle ranch on the neighbors property. All of the animal waste can seep into the ground water supply. Good thing I used a filter on the water from my well. Airplanes also leave chem trails even in rural areas. Going to look at your site now.

  • Great post you have there. It pays to be careful with everything you intake and making sure that you have clean food and water all the time. Our health is very valuable.

    • Hello Amerie,
      In the past 7 years I have learned that being deficient in just one mineral can increase your chance of getting cancer. Our food does not have enough enzymes, minerals and vitamins now so finding whole food supplements is also of major importance. I show people how to get off coffee and replace that expense with a canister of Caldera Greens. The greens provide dense nutrition as well as abundant energy for getting through the day.
      Caldera Greens

      • Johnny Wang

        Hey Daniel,

        I completely agree with the point you made about deficient in minerals. As technology allow us to learn more and more about our body, hopefully with the correct use of the information, we can practice ways to make us healthier.


        • Hello Johnny,
          Health is our greatest asset. If you have plenty of money but poor health, you are not able to enjoy your wealth.

  • Pete Goumas

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for giving awareness on toxicants. I didn’t know that it can also cause cancer. I thought cancer could only be caused by imbalance in body cells. Which cancer is caused by toxicants?

    • Hello Pete,
      I am not a licensed medical provider so in the United States I am not allowed to say that cancer is caused by toxicants. However, I can share a call from our Naturopathic Doctor James Chappell. You can listen anytime on this page:Know Your Options for Treating Cancer

  • Millicent Parmer

    I am really glad you shared that information. Toxic substances can be really harmful to our health and therefore it is important that we avoid them as much as we can.

    • Hello Millicent,
      Driving down the road everyday is toxic as the pollution coming from old vehicles is horrible. I am dreaming of the day when I can move back closer to a National Forest where the air is cleaner.

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