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Value Comparison of Wobenzym and Peak Enzymes

Consumers like to compare products when they shop so they can find the best value. Peak Enzymes are pure Japanese plant based enzymes products. Wobenzym also carries enzymes products. The following comparison is Wobenzym’s tablet and Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ Systemic Enzyme veggie capsule.

Wobenzym has 5 separate proteolytic enzymes. There are 2 plant based enzymes and 3 animal derived enzymes in the Wobenzym tablet. Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ Systemic Enzymes has 7 different proteolytic enzymes and they are pure Japanese plant based enzymes.

Wobenzym has 20,000 units of protease activity per tablet. Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ has 160,000 units of protease activity per veggie capsule.

Wobenzym is 13 cents per tablet. You will need 8 Wobenzym tablets to match 1 Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ Enzyme. So 8 x .13 = $1.04 to get the same amount of protease activity as Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ has. The cost of one Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ is .64 cents. Wobenzym is .40 cents more expensive.

There are no other ingredients in Peak Enzymes ‘Without’. There are no animal by products. Peak Enzymes is 100 % clean. Here are the other ingredients in Wobenzym:

1. Di-calcium Phosphate
2. Corn Polysaccharides
3. Micro Crystalline Cellulose
4. Cross Probidone
5. Macro Gal
6. Vegetable Stearate
7. Silica
8. Magnesium Silicate also known as Talc
9. pH Resistant Enterra Coating
10. Tri-ethyl Citrate
11. Vanillin
12. Purified Water

Whole Wellness Club shares this information on our recorded conference call here: The Amazing Efficiency of Enzymes

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