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Conference Calls Build Business

Conference Calls Build Business

Conference Calls Build BusinessWelcome to the Conference Calls Build Business post on my blog. Read on to hear how you can create a residual income that keeps coming when you refer people to whole food nutrition products.

The most effective way to build your team in a network is to invite guests to come to a live conference call or webinar. These calls and webinars are known as ‘third party’ events. The presenter is perceived as a knowledgeable person and helps you convert your leads to clients and team members.

whole wellness club

Every week the Whole Wellness Club holds opportunity and product calls with nutrition experts and Dr. James Chappell. There are several live conference calls each week. I use the calls to invite people that are interested in getting healthy with our products and earning their products by simply sharing with others. Some people create a second income with Whole Wellness Club. Some people create a $5,000 or more monthly income by working the Whole Wellness Club full time.

To support your efforts at building a business, there are two company calls each week. Come to the training on Tuesdays and Thursdays to learn more.

11 pm Atlantic
10 pm Eastern
9 pm Central
8 pm Mountain
7 pm Pacific
6 pm Alaska
5 pm Hawaii

Here are some phone lines you can use to attend our conference calls.

Atlanta 404-439-0092
Boston 617-603-1070
Calgary 587-887-1680
Denver 303-222-9727
Edmonton 780-851-2680
Halifax 902-982-3301
Miami 305-507-0364
Montreal 438-238-1980
New York 929-223-3001
Houston 713-401-1502
Portland 503-205-8988
San Francisco 415-633-4267
Seattle 206-402-0100
Toronto 647-847-8380
Vancouver 360-952-3089

Enter 530312 # when prompted to access the call.

You can dial in from a local phone number from many parts of the world. Select the city closest to you in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Russia and many other nations of the world from the Instant Teleseminar Link. You will need to enter this access code 530312# when prompted.

Conference Numbers

*2 to Raise Hand and Ask a Question

*6 to Mute

*7 to Unmute

You can also access the calls online from my website below. Just click on the Conference Calls page on the main menu:

Whole Wellness Club Conference Calls

Call Schedule All Times Are at 21:00 or 9:00 PM Central Time

TuesdayBusiness Opportunity Call
WednesdaysDr. James Chappell
ThursdaysBusiness Opportunity Call




Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Contact me directly if I can help you in anyway. I have been able to overcome some difficult health challenges on my own using the company’s products and advice that Dr. Chappell gives me for free just by asking him on the weekly calls.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

Contact Daniel Parsons

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  • Elena Anne

    Awesome post! You really do need a great power team to create a great business. With the blogging usually you cannot meet face to face but this is a great way to do that.

    • Video is a powerful way to interact on blogs Elena! Will go check out your site shortly!

  • Inviting others to the calls is a very effective way to introduce them to the products and/or the opportunity.  Dr. Chappell's calls are always so informative and interesting.  Teamwork works!
    Peace & Healthy Blessings
    Barbara Arbster

  • Attending events like this soothes the mind and helps other. thanks for this very informative post. keep it up.

  • Carmen

    This blog is a helpful one. It is a huge help to a newbie like me. Thanks for the informative blog post.

  • Liz

    That was great! I have a newly built business, I think this post can help to enhance my knowledge. Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us.

    • Glad I can help Liz. Please share the diet knowledge you have from your site on my other posts about fitness & wellness.

  • lariane

    This blog can help me with my new business. Thanks for sharing your bright ideas with us.

    • You are in a growing business with solar energy. There is a major shift to renewable energy sources. Thanks for stopping by Lariane and best of luck with your blog. Glad I can help.

  • Pete Goumas

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for giving suggestion on inviting guests to come to a live conference call or webinar and I think its a best way to build long term business relationship and I am already working on this tip.

    • Pete, having a third party present the business to your guests works very well. I will have a look at your whole food wellness products post as soon as I get off a webinar.

  • Syeda Mehwish

    Hi Daniel,
    Conference calls are great to build relationships face to face and now business owners are well aware with its importance and implement it in their work. Thanks for the invitation.

    • Yes Syeda, calls and webinars are helping people grow their businesses. I am glad my site can help you. I also have another website focused in a similar niche as your Webhosting Plans site. Please visit:
      Parsons Marketing

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