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Comparison between Generation Plus Enzymes and Peak Enzymes

Consumers are looking for the best value in today’s economy. It is just smart to research your best deal. Troy Aupperle shared with us on our Tuesday night conference call how consumers can get a better systemic and digestive enzyme with his Peak Enzymes formulations. Here is that call: Peak Enzymes

Generation PlusSystemic Enzyme Amount Enzymes per Capsule Price per Capsule
 36 % enzymes by weight Naticor Nattokinase 720 FU 36 mg 56 cents
 64 % minerals & additives Serrapeptase 15 mg
 Protease (3 forms) 25 mg
  66 % enzymes by weight  Zymitol  3,120 Serrapeptase
1,200 Protease
  40 cents


Peak EnzymesSystemic Enzyme Amount Enzymes per Capsule Price per Capsule
 97 % enzymes by weight ‘Without’ a Meal Nattokinase 627 FU 64 cents
 Serrapeptase 26,666
 Protease 130,000

Comparing the amount of enzymes in Peak Enzymes shows more than 10 times the amount compared to Generation Plus Naticor product and Peak Enzymes are 97 percent enzymes. The value is worth the additional 8 cents per capsule. Here is another table showing a comparison with Generation Plus Digestive Enzymes and the Peak Enzymes ‘With’ a Meal.


 Generation Plus Digestive Enzyme Amount Enzymes per Capsule Price per Capsule
 no transparency Digesticol 16 enzymes 38 cents


Peak EnzymesDigestive Enzyme Amount Enzymes per Capsule Price per Capsule
 ‘With’ a Meal 20 enzymes 31 cents

You can view the Peak Enzymes labels of the ‘Without’ a Meal and ‘With’ a Meal at the following website: Peak Enzymes

Systemic Enzymes like Peak Enzymes ‘Without’ will naturally thin human blood without any side effects like prescription drugs do. Coumadin is a blood thinner that has side effects. Many people are moving to natural healing to accomplish what the pure Japanese sourced plant based Peak Enzymes can do for your health.

If you are ready to order Peak Enzymes, you can go to my website below:

Peak Enzymes

Daniel Parsons

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