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Comparison between Transformation Digestzyme and Peak Enzymes ‘With’ a Meal

Consumers are looking for the best value in today’s economy. It is just smart to research your best deal. Troy Aupperle shared with us on our Tuesday night conference call how consumers can get a better systemic and digestive enzyme with his Peak Enzymes formulations. Here is that call if you want to listen: Peak Enzymes

Here is a chart showing Transformation Digestzyme and Peak Enzymes ‘With’ a Meal product.

 Transformation Digestive EnzymeAmount Enzymes per Capsule Cost per Capsule
 11 % enzymes by weight Digestzyme 1 Protease 33,250 activity units 32 cents
 89 % other ingredients 1 Amylase  6,100 activity units
 5 Lipase      145 LU   14 FIP


 Peak Enzymes Digestive Enzyme Amount Enzymes per CapsuleCost per Capsule
 98 % enzymes by weight ‘With’ a Meal 6 Protease 45,000 activity units 31 cents
 12 Amylase  10,000 activity units
 2 Lipase          1,400 FIP


If you are shopping for the best value, you get 98 percent enzymes by weight with Peak Enzymes ‘With’ and your cost per capsule is 1 cent less. Peak Enzymes are pure Japanese sourced plant based enzymes. You can order Peak Enzymes here: Peak Enzymes

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