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Rebellion and Redemption


rebellionRebellion is defined by Dictionary.com as resistance to or defiance of any authority or tradition. As a teen-ager in 1972, I experienced rebellion in my life. Unfortunately, I had to suffer the consequences of that rebellion. I still have visible scars from my resistance to authority. I am lucky & grateful though that God is Love & HE came to rescue me when I was at a low point in my life. Praise God !

I write & share this message I heard this morning from a Christian woman that holds 2 Doctorate Degrees. I needed to hear it just as much as anyone. I have learned that Judging myself & extending mercy to others is reflecting Jesus’s Character. A very large segment of society will be mesmerized by a football game on Sunday. When I was a child, football was not that big of a deal and everyone I knew went to church and were good neighbors. Now our world has shifted to a self-seeking society and idols of all kinds abound. Some people make politics or football their God. ( end of my thoughts )

sabbath-school“The current Sabbath School quarterly deals with Rebellion & Redemption. The Great Controversy is the battle between God & Satan. Satan wants worship and that narcissistic self-centeredness caused the original sin & is the root of all death, pain, sickness, suffering and sin today.

Satan has one mission: Kill, Steal & Destroy as many of God’s children as possible. Satan misrepresented God to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden and that distortion is rampant today. Satan makes God out to be a vengeful and cruel God that punishes. Satan wants man to doubt God.

Satan uses the following idols to separate man from God:

1. Alcoholism
2. Drug Addiction
3. Food
4. Football & Violent Sports
5. Gambling
6. Sex
7. Television
8. Tobacco

Jesus came to reveal God’s true character which is LOVE.
Jesus came to save us from all of our idols.
Narcissism is about worship of self and a self-centered life which is of Satan.
Altruism is about worship of God and being other centered which is of God.

Three Bible lessons that Jesus taught have critical bearing.

Matthew 7:21-23 teaches that not everyone will be saved.
Luke 17:11-19 teaches that just one of the ten cleansed lepers came to give thanks to Jesus for being made clean.
Matthew 25:1-13 teaches that only half of the virgins had oil ( Holy Spirit ) to illuminate their lamps.

We are in serious times. I pray that the Lord Jesus will help me get through my temptations and difficulties each day.”

My closing thoughts:

I believe that many kinds of sports have immense value. I myself enjoy amateur golfing, ice skating, mountain hikes, long walks and being physically active. You only live once so take care of your body.

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