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Health & Wealth Available to All

Health & Wealth Available to All

Welcome to my Health & Wealth Available to All post where I show people how to build a profitable home based business. Did you know that in the United States over 10,000 people are turning 65 years of age every day ? This fact will continue daily through 2031.

Health & Wealth Available to AllThis is the baby boom generation that includes all children born between 1946 and 1964 to the veterans of World War II.

This group of people encompasses tens of millions of people.

What do these people want? Better Health is a top priority of many of these people. Factor in the rise in the cost of living and you arrive at another priority: Income. How can these people find better health and more income? That is where our two step system comes in to provide these people with the ability to improve both their health and their financial well being.

Step 1 is to   Join Detox Cash

Share with 2 people and keep working with your 2 people to help them share with 2 people. Quickly your 2 x 2 cycler is built. All your members will move into their free Whole Wellness Club ( WWC ) account.

Step 2 is to show your new members the Simplicity Pay Plan Program that is located in the Whole Wellness Club business opportunity. This program is a unilevel which means you can go as wide as possible. You also earn 10 percent on six levels in the Simplicity Pay Plan.

Health & Wealth Available to AllI recommend purchasing the Complete Value Package Product Code: PKG 641 which includes one bottle of each of the following products:

Caldera Greens Natural Powder

Coral Complex 3 Minerals

Peak Enzymes Digestive Enzymes

Peak Enzymes Systemic Enzymes

Perfect Grape


Health & Wealth Available to AllYou will also get 4 packages of VelociTea which is our medicinal detox product.

You can try our VelociTea with a free one week sample shipped around the world from my website below:

Rush Me a Week of VelociTea

The suggested retail price of this package is $284. Members can purchase this package for only $190. There is $120 of volume on this package.

So with a team of 20 people working together, you can create much excitement with the 2 x 2 Detox Cash Cycler and the Simplicity Pay Plan Program. You can make a big impact on people in your community. You can empower people to get healthier and be prosperous as we are meant to be.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and when you log onto the internet, you see that you have been making money while you were sleeping! Is that great or what? Most people in the world are locked into dead end jobs that they don’t want to go to each day. Warren Buffett, Donald Trump and many other business leaders highly recommend the direct sales industry as a viable business model. Both of these successful business men own network marketing companies.

Improve Your Health and Earn CashWhole Wellness Club is set up for everyone to succeed. That is why the 2 x 2 cycler starts people off on the road to success and then the Simplicity Pay Plan Unilevel brings people residual income for years. Work smarter, not harder is the key principle. People in network marketing earn residual income and people that work jobs like doctors, lawyers and accountants get paid once with linear income. Don’t trade time for money, build a network marketing business that will set you free for life!

For the people that have tried network marketing in the past and failed, it is not all your fault. Companies hype up an opportunity but then leave you alone to see whether you can build a business. Whole Wellness Club has marketing systems in place like the 2 x 2 cycler and a free VelociTea give away system that will let you experience what building an income and a network can do for your well being.

I have a personal member that I sponsored and he had never heard of network marketing, is in his late 20’s, and is a rising star in our company. He came into the business and has build a world wide global business in the Whole Wellness Club.

The company has many business calls each week for members to bring guests. These third party calls are another way that the company supports you in your effort to achieve health and wealth. Let our company owners close the guests you bring and then show your guests the exact steps you took to set yourself free.

Health & Wealth Available to AllWe also have Dr. James Chappell live on Wednesday evenings for Ask Dr. Jim fireside chats. Bring your health questions to an experienced Naturopathic Doctor.

By the way, as of February 2012, our program has paid out over $12 million to the distributors. Get started today improving your health and financial future with a global debt free company that has been in business since 2007 and has been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau!

Hope that you have enjoyed reading my post about Health & Wealth Available to All.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

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  • Latia Swan

    Thank you for sharing this informative video. I should recommend this to my grandparents. I think these  kinds of wellness products are really good for improving health.

  • Nutrition Information

    Hitting two birds in one stone strategy. You get healthy plus you get wealthy.

    • Yes, nutrition information. Our company is global, debt free and in business for 5 years. Once someone tries the product, they want to re order the next month and so on. Powerful business model.
      Detox Cash

  • Living healthy is the priority of most Americans now, especially the older generations.  This business could be the key to active aging, since most of the senior citizens in the decades to come will probably reach their 90's.

    • Amy, the people that take care of their health will live abundant lives into their 90’s. Some people are dying early from poor lifestyle choices. Our company offers wellness to the world. In addition to promoting wellness, we help people earn referral income which so many people need now.
      Whole Wellness Club

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