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Best Home Based Business

Best Home Based Business

Welcome to the Best Home Based Business post where I show the key areas to research before signing up in a business. Are you considering joining an affiliate marketing, direct sales, mlm, or network marketing company? Here are some suggestions you may consider before spending your money.

Best Home Based Business1. Are there any enrollment fees?
2. Are there hidden fees like membership, website or other costs to have your business?
3. Does the company require you to stock a garage full of inventory to start?
4. Is there a demand for the product or service you intend to market?
5. Who owns the company?
6. Is the company debt free?
7. Is the company open worldwide?
8. Is there an excessive amount of complaints? Some people will join a program each week and then go back and complain that it didn’t work. In reality, any legitimate opportunity will work if you know how to market in a professional way.
9. When does the company pay the distributor for the previous month’s sales? Do distributors get a 1099 from the company each year?
10. Does the Better Business Bureau endorse the company as meeting the Bureau’s standards of operating a business?

Best Home Based Business

The company I joined in 2007 scores a 10 out of 10 on the questions I listed above. The company is global and has paid distributors on time since the doors opened in 2007.

Here are the answers when I apply those questions to the Whole Wellness Club
1a. There is no charge to join Whole Wellness Club.
2a. We have no hidden, membership or website fees.
3a. You are not required to be on autoship or stock a garage full of products. Having $40 of volume once every 92 days keeps your business open.
4a. Everyone you encounter on a daily basis needs our detox product as well as our nutritional products.
5a. Our company owners have been in the network marketing industry for over 30 years each and they wanted what Whole Wellness Club has so that is how the company started.

Best Home Based Business6a. The Club is debt free and does not answer to any outside investors.
7a. The Club is worldwide except for nations on the State Department’s watch list.
8a. Since 2007, I have never had anyone complain to me that they were dissatisfied with the Club.
9a. All distributors that earn $600 or more are asked to supply a TIN ( tax indentification number or a social security number ).
When you make a one time purchase of the Global Cash Card debit card, you are paid the first week of the month for the previous month’s sales. If you participate in the Detox Cash cycler program, you are paid daily on all earnings that have aged for 30 days. The aging of funds is necessary to prevent fraud from scammers.
10a. The Club has been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau since 2008.
Hope you have learned some valuable insights into how to research for the Best Home Based Business post and you can contact me if you have further questions.

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  • This is an excellent post regarding choosing an affiliate or network marketing company and the Whole Wellness Club does score high ..  10 out of 10.  It is definitely a unique company that brings a credible and lucrative opportunity at our fingertips.  None other out there that can top them 🙂

    • Yes, Barbara. You and I have seen many programs for home businesses. The Whole Wellness Club is an excellent place to either be a Preferred Customer or a distributor like we are. I can never go back to waiting on your commissions statements till half way through the month and get paid at the end of the month for the previous month’s business. Makes sense to treat your representatives in the field well.

  • I am currently using the clickbank affiliate system and while they are trustworthy and reliable I hate waiting for the money to clear for like 60 days. They also don;t provide much information on how to get different banner and links up.

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