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Three Simple Steps to Daily Pay

Earn Money Today

Step 1

Join Detox Cash

Step 2

Drink VelociTea and Remove Toxins from your Body. Nine out of Ten People experience a significant result by drinking VelociTea. Share your experience with others just like you share a good book, restaurant or shop right now.

Step 3

Get your Global Cash Card debit card in your free Whole Wellness Club back office. You will be able to get paid daily once you get the card. If you prefer paper checks, the company sends those out weekly for a $4 fee.

Daniel Parsons

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  • Without health, we die. Check out our detox cash program. Helping people remove toxins from the body and earn cash by sharing with others!

  • Yes, Prudent Law Group, wellness is available to all. Wellness focuses on the cause of illness or disease whereas prescription medications for the most part focus on symptoms of the disease or illness. By focusing on what is causing the illness, we can take effective action to eliminate the disease as long as the sickness is not at the last stage or terminal point. Many people wait until they are sick before they begin to take action on their health and that is a BIG mistake.

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