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February 2012

How Are Your Resolutions Going?

Hello blog world! Just a quick note on the last day of January 2012. One month has passed since the New Year came. How are you doing on your resolutions? I sincerely hope you are making some progress. One thing I do my best to practice is never give up. The only time I will never give up is when I am taken to the VA for cremation. Please read an earlier post I wrote this month about setting goals instead of resolutions. You will better understand why goals bring better results than resolutions do.

Set Goals and Succeed

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  • Terri

    Actually, I've been hearing that a lot this new year about goals vs. resolutions.   I've made a very big long-term goal and several short-term goals to see me through the process.

    My goal is to lose 80 pounds this year, and focusing on the bigger picture.  I'm not feeling impatient at all.  I know this is a long process.   Started with the 90 day challenge and joined GoodLife Fitness on Dec. 30th – so far 6 days a week!   Drinking my 2 shakes a day plus fit snacks and a regular meal.   I'm down 9 pounds as of yesterday….more importantly, my energy has increased and I am not feeling my regular SAD self at this time this year!

    • Way to go Terri! Keep up the good work! You will see increasing results. I remember when I lost 70 pounds in 2001. Once you start making progress, people start noticing and your confidence increases. Check out my exercise videos here Terri.

      Home Workout Exercises

      It is the program I do at home. I have not paid for a gym membership since 2004.

  • Wishing you much success in your business Ellie. I would suggest ‘branding’ yourself online and use a real name. There are many online entrepreneurs that know me now and they didn’t know who I was when I started blogging back in 2005.

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