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How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Weight Loss Success

Did you know that writing in a food journal increases your ability to succeed with weight loss? Getting things out of our head and on paper ( or a notepad on your communications device ) makes you twice as likely to stick with your goal.

One other suggestion for psychological help with weight loss is to take 15 minutes twice a day to meditate. It is suggested to practice meditation before you eat your breakfast and supper. Turn off all lights and put your mobile device in silent mode. Do not allow any distraction near you: have the television or radio turned off.

Wake up earlier so you can sit in a comfortable place with your feet on the floor with your back supported. You can let your arms and neck just relax. Do some deep breathing and close your eyes. Repeat a mantra that you chose. My personal favorite is words like 'peace' or 'content' or 'fulfilled'.

The meditation will help you eat your meal in a more relaxed manner and you will not need to overeat to deal with any uncomfortable feelings because you just addressed your current feelings in meditation. Be kind to yourself and if you feel like crying during meditation, let your self cry. If you feel sad, experience the sadness and let it go.

When we practice meditation, we are addressing our feelings and many people that overeat are self medicating bad feelings. I wish you much success on your journey to healing and being good to yourself. We all know when we are eating more than our body needs. I am still working on this process myself and will never be perfect but I am making progress. Praise God!

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  • All good advice Daniel.  All your suggestions will also help with life in general right along with helping with weight loss.  Sometimes when I'm meditating I choose certain affirmations like " I am healthy" , "I am blessed" , " I am grateful".   There are so many ways we can begin healing ourselves and deep breathing and positive affirmations are good starters.
    Peace & Healthy Blessings,
    Barbara Arbster 🙂

    • Great tips Barbara! Thanks for coming by and sharing. Just remembering everyday to do the one before supper is important. I get up early in the morning and have the good habit to do that first meditation. It is the one before dinner that sometimes gets rushed. Detox Tea

  • Dr. George Suarez

    I agree about the benefit of meditation, it helps a lot. It helps reduce stress and bring harmony to the mind, body and soul. One very positive thing I've also observed is that meditation also helps to nurture better personal relationships.

  • Jess

    I just got back from a meditation retreat, and this advice really works.  If you are mindful while eating you won't eat so much.

    It is go easy to just eat a huge plate without even tasting it or something, but the meditation really helps!

    • Glad to know that your overall well being is helped by meditation Jess! Thanks for stopping by and please visit again. I am always looking to interact with a community of people focused on improving their fitness, health, and well being!

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