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Proper Thinking Is Critical for Success

Positive Thinking

I read a website daily that has some excellent wisdom. I felt compelled to share this one from today:

There is no such thing as luck. Nothing ever happened by chance. Everything, good or bad, that comes into your life is there as a result of unvarying, inescapable law. The operator of that law is none other than yourself. No one else has ever done you any harm of any kind, or ever could do so, however it may seem that he did. Consciously or unconsciously, you have yourself at some time or other produced every condition–desirable or undesirable–that you find in either your bodily health or your circumstances today. You and you alone ordered these goods; and now they are being delivered. As long as you go on thinking wrongly about yourself and about life, the same sort of difficulties will continue. For every seed must inevitably bring forth after its own kind, and thought is the seed of destiny. Yet there is a simple way out of trouble. Learn how to think rightly rather than wrongly, and conditions at once begin to improve until, sooner or later, all ill health, poverty, and inharmony must disappear; such is the law.

Odie J.


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