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Help to Quit Smoking

You Can Quit Smoking

Many people make resolutions to improve their health on New Years. Do you want to quit smoking? Help is available. Call 805-201-STOP  ( 7867 ) if you live in Ventura County, California. You can also visit the website the county has:

Ventura County Public Health

The California Quit Smoking Phone Line is 800-NO-BUTTS or 800-662-8887

The American Lung Association also as a Lung Help Line:

800-LUNGUSA ( 586-4872 )

The website for the Lung Association is:

American Lung

One other resource is this website:

Freedom from Smoking

I am so thankful that I quit smoking in 1998. I made a blog post about the resources that helped me and you can read that on my site below:

How I Quit Smoking

You can do it! Never give up!

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  • Ardis

    Greetings Daniel Parsons ! I liked your informative article on Help to Quit Smoking. Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!

    • Glad the article about Quitting smoking is useful to you Ardis! I know I feel 100 percent better since I quit smoking in 1998. I have much better health, my teeth no longer get yellow from the toxic smoke and I have much more money for taking care of my health.

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