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Hang Upside Down

I finish my morning exercises with 10 minutes on my inversion table. The spine is so important for good health. I bought this table after suffering a serious back injury while employed at Alaska Airlines. The inversion helps line up the discs in your back as well as position organs in the correct place. Check with your medical provider before attempting any new exercise programs to make sure you are capable of the exercise.

People with circulation problems or detached retinas should consult their medical provider before inversion therapy. If you have medical problems, don't let that prevent you from starting an exercise program that you can do. Some people can only start walking for 5 minutes a day. By all means, start there and work your way up to more movement and your body will love you for the effort. Get Moving !!!!! You can do it !!!!!

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  • Hi Daniel,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have an injury. I'm assuming your doing fine now, aren't you? This is really inspiring. I mean, i've been working as a home based entrepreneur and this just reminds me that my lifestyle has to change. I have to maintain a daily exercise in order not to have a sedentary lifestyle. Thank you so much Daniel and I hope you have a great holiday!

    • Thanks for stopping by Scott! As good as can be expected after messing up the discs in the lower back. I agree, daily exercise is the answer when you are sitting at a computer all day. I hear that you can get a work station that has the computer elevated and that way you could stand for a few hours each day while working online. Scott, I hope you have a great year in business as 2012 will be here in just a few days!

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