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Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity

Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity

Welcome to my Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity post where I share a powerful home based business that has tangible whole food products that give people results in just 1 day. Are you looking for a way to earn income from home?

Are you under employed? Are you tired of not having job security?

Are you ready to fire your boss? Have you been outsourced?

Opportunity Knocks! Are you going to take action or just keep getting disappointed?

Whole Wellness Club Business OpportunityThere is a powerful opportunity right here in the United States of America with a business established in 2007. Whole Wellness Club has been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau as having met all the standards of that organization.

Make sure you investigate all opportunities that are presented to you. The act of due diligence will help you find the right opportunity and you will be able to share the business model with other people. Being able to go to sleep every night realizing I have shared a reputable and respected company is the only way to live.

Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity

The Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity is global and has seen incredible growth overseas in Africa, Europe, and Russia. People in Africa that have been living off of $400 a month have created another income stream that is changing their lives. Some of the largest distributors in the company live in Russia. North America is a huge market that allows for people from all different backgrounds to grow an income with the Club.

Here are some of the keys to finding a good business to work from a home office:

1) Does the company charge to join as a Member or have an annual fee for being a distributor? Is there a yearly website fee? Whole Wellness Club charges no hidden fees and you can join the company for free and begin earning commissions within 15 minutes of establishing your member account.

2) Does the company have products or services that are in demand? Will people order the products and services over and over again thereby setting up residual income similar to income earned by cable companies, insurance agents, and telephone companies? Yes, people in my organization have ordered products since joining my team in 2007. I still earn residual income from the very first sales I made back in 2007. Our products give people remarkable and noticeable results.

3) Is there a barrier to earning income with the opportunity? Whole Wellness Club has set up the narrowest matrix to allow average people to earn income in a simple 2 x 4 matrix. You only need to sponsor 2 active members to earn income in your matrix. The matrix keeps expanding as you fill it.

People that have never earned money in network marketing are earning anywhere from $100 to over $5,000 in the Club. Many people are just happy to earn enough to get their products for free. Many companies cannot make the claim that their distributors or affiliates are getting their products for free.

You can also build a large customer base of Preferred Customers and never work the Network Marketing side of the business in the Whole Wellness Club. Go out and over time establish 50 and then 100 customers and earn 20 percent of their monthly business volume. Once you have a customer base of 500 customers, you will have a large monthly commission payment coming into your account. You have a natural health foods product business and you have the advantage of not having to pay for warehousing products or leasing a storefront. The company will drop ship products for you.

4) Does the company ask for your Social Security number or federal EIN number before you have earned any income? NO. The owners of the Club are only required to submit W9 or 1099 Independent Contractor forms to the IRS if you have over $600 in earnings.

5) Is the opportunity a here today and gone tomorrow program? NO. We started in 2007 with a detox tea. The company added a complete minerals product in 2008 and then a product to bring down blood sugar levels came in 2009. In October 2009, the highest quality enzymes were introduced and the Peak Digestive and Systemic Enzymes are the best available enzymes on the market today.

Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity

At the company convention in Santa Barbara, California in October 2010, the company launched Caldera Greens. The organic greens are grown in Utah in soil that is rich in fulvic acid and minerals.

Dial 209-647-1636 to hear 5 testimonials about our Caldera Greens product and you will hear how effective the products are in improving people’s health and well being.

Avazzia bio feedback electric stimulation devices were introduced in 2010. Space age technology is now available to help people manage pain. Two of the Avazzia devices have been FDA approved for pain relief. The other devices are excellent tools to manage discomfort in our aging society.

6) Does the company pay commissions on time? Yes, members are given notice of their monthly earnings by the 3rd day of the month and members that have the Global Cash Card debit card are paid by the 10th day of the month. The company treats distributors in the field very well. The company owner answers questions on weekly conference calls. The sponsors in the company are actively working with their teams to help them as they are able.

Whole Wellness Club Business OpportunityAs with any opportunity, your success depends on your efforts. If you follow the simple process of inviting people to the 2 business calls held each week, you can build a solid business without marketing on the internet.

If you prefer internet marketing, there are sponsors like me that are more than happy to show you how I work the business online and offline. Come to our Tuesday and Thursday night business call at 22:00 ( 10:00 pm ) Eastern time.

Here are some phone lines you can use to attend our conference calls.

Atlanta 404-439-0092
Boston 617-603-1070
Miami 305-507-0364
Houston 713-401-1502
San Francisco 415-633-4267
Seattle 206-402-0100
Vancouver 360-952-3089
Enter 530312 # when prompted to access the call.

You can dial this number 24 hours a day to hear the 24 day challenge call: 760-569-6898 or listen online below:

24 Days to a Solid Business Income

After you have listened to the above recorded calls and decided that you want to build a profitable income earning asset in the Whole Wellness Club Business Opportunity, go to my website and research the opportunity page.

Tell Me More About the Club

Daniel Parsons

Founding Member

360-383-0265 Pacific Weekdays

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