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Peak Enzymes Affects Quality and Quantity of Life

Here is my two week update after using Peak Enzymes from the Whole Wellness Club. My normal sleep pattern was allowing 8 hours in bed. Sometimes I slept well but many nights I would lie awake for short periods of time if I woke up. This past week my business demanded more time than normal and I worked late into the evening writing and putting new websites up on the internet.

I never yawned or felt tired. The energy the digestive and systemic enzymes gives you is a balanced energy that is real. I went to bed late and got around 7 hours of sleep each night. I slept through the night without tossing and turning. When the alarm rang at 04:40 Pacific time, I was up and out of bed and felt very refreshed. I rise early so that I can do around 80-90 minutes of exercises 6 mornings per week.

The digestive enzymes are keeping my bowel movements healthy and frequent. I have one stool first thing in the morning and then one after each meal. If you are not having a bowel movement after each meal, try the digestive enzymes and you will be amazed.

You can also try a sample of  VelociTea to help clean your colon.

You can order the package of Peak Enzymes which includes the digestive and systemic enzymes for $80. This saves you $6 from the individual prices of $28 for digestive enzymes and $58 for systemic enzymes. Each bottle contains 90 veggie capsules. Directions call for taking one digestive enzyme capsule 5 minutes before a meal with a 6 ounce glass of water. Take 3 of the systemic enzymes together at bedtime when your stomach is empty with a 6 ounce glass of water. Here is the secure website to order the Enzymes:

Peak Enzyme

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