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Improved Alli-C for Better Health

Improved Alli-C

Welcome to my Improved Alli-C post. Help your body’s immune system and fight off viruses and bugs as well as lowering your bad cholesterol with this powerful natural health product.

Improved Alli-CDr. Josling has added an additional 30 mg of Stabilized Allicin to the incredible Alli-C product. Each veggie capsule now has 300 mg of the allicin powder. Alli-C yields 100 percent allicin whereas the typical garlic product in a health food store only yields 4 percent allicin. You get much more value for your money with Alli-C and the testimonials are powerful.

I have used Alli-C since 2005 and I rarely get sick. There have only been 2 days that I can remember when I was not able to do my normal healthy lifestyle routine due to having a bad cold. When I did get sick, I took 3 or 4 of the capsules and felt better the very next day.

A Significant Advancement in the Use of Garlic for Health and Wellness

British Chemist Peter Josling developed a way to stabilize the Allicin molecule derived from Garlic, affecting a quantum leap in garlic’s ability to assist the body in maintaining wellness. Stabilized Allicin helps in the body’s efforts in supporting an abundance of friendly bacteria, and keeping the amount of bad bacteria in check.

Each batch of Alli-C is tested against the staph called MRSA which is so difficult for the medical world to eradicate or treat. If it does not kill the MRSA in the test tube, we don’t sell it.

Improved Alli-CStabilized Allicin also offers the many health benefits of eating fresh garlic multiplied many times over. Peter Josling’s #1 Stabilized Allicin formulation called Alli-C imparts the health benefits of eating 36 cloves of fresh Garlic in a single veggie capsule. It does it all safely without the side effects or odor.

Alli-C contains 300 mg of Stabilized Allicin in each capsule with the addition of 60 mg of food based Vitamin C and 40 mg Citrus Bioflavonoids to synergistically enhance the wellness enhancing power of the Allicin.

Alli-C may be taken for preventive maintenance or to aid the body in healing when out of balance. Among its many areas of healthful benefits are the balancing of blood pressure and cholesterol. It is especially valuable during cold and flu season and has proven in a double-blind study to significantly lessen the onset, intensity, and duration of common colds.

Alli-C is affordable for the masses, with a bottle of 30 capsules retailing for $40. The normal maintenance dosage is one capsule per day, and much higher doses can be administered for therapeutic purposes. It serves both humans and animals equally well.

Alli-C outperforms other Garlic supplements. The only persons who should not use it are children under 3 years of age and those allergic to Garlic. No chemicals are used in the growing of the Garlic or the extraction of the Allicin from fresh Garlic. Alli-C is made and packaged to GMP standards with pharmaceutical grade materials.

Find out more on my Alli-C page. Hope that my Improved Alli-C post has helped you.

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  • Everyone could use a strengthened immune system, especially with the winter rolling in now.

    • Thanks for stopping by and I agree Daniel! Garlic was used back in the Old Testament times in the Bible. People know that the chemicals released from garlic are very good for health. Dr. Josling’s product is the highest yield of stabilized allicin at 100 percent. Most garlic products being sold have 4 percent allicin potential. Interesting….

  • 30mg increase is pretty hefty. Definitely getting a lot more for your money now. Thanks for the additional info! (I'm supplement ignorant, personally – though my client Adam is helping me learn a lot, as is your blog.)

    • Thanks for stopping by Melanie! I make sure I have plenty of Alli-C on hand all year! There are so many health benefits from the stabilized allicin powder. Dr. Josling’s formulation gives us 100 percent allicin yield and most garlic products being sold have 4 percent allicin potential.

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