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Holiday Wellness Package

Save $44 Off Members Price

Whole Wellness Club is the world’s leading provider of high quality health food supplements to promote wellness. People can order Item: PKG #625 and save $44 off the regular price that club members pay. All of our products are made in America. Help put Americans back to work by purchasing the best from American suppliers! The products help restore your basic foundations for good health:

One Canister of Caldera Greens Veggie Capsules for Super Nutrition

One Month Supply of VelociTea Detox Tea

One Month Supply of Complete Minerals with Coral Complex 3

One Month Supply of Perfect Grape that Is Loaded with Antioxidants to Help Your Body Fight Disease

You also receive a copy of Dr. Chappell’s book: Miracle Elements

You also receive a copy of Dr. Bob Owens’ book: How to Maintain Your Health

You also receive a CD recording of the Importance of Detoxing the Body by Dr. James Chappell

You can join the Whole Wellness Club for free by clicking my website below:

Join Whole Wellness Club Now !

Daniel Parsons

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  • Hello Daniel …This fitness plans seems to work !! Let me give it a try 🙂

    • Quite a remarkable value Jed! Our company is one of a kind. We are paid the first week of the month and the products give people very noticeable results. That is a win, win, win for everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

  • That's really a great package you got there Daniel. I will definitely join Whole Wellness Club as this is part of my new year's resolution which is living a healthy lifestyle Thanks a lot!

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