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Enzymes and Your Health

Enzymes and Your Health

Welcome to my Enzymes and Your Health blog post that describes what enzymes do in your body. I recently listened to our fantastic call with Troy Aupperle a second time and learned how valuable enzymes are for your health. Troy is the CEO of Enzymology Research Labs located in Minnesota. Troy is an ultra endurance athlete that has climbed all 7 of the highest mountain peaks in the world.

Here is what Wikipedia says about Enzymes:

Peak Enzymes and your health“Enzymes are proteins that catalyze (i.e., increase the rates of) chemical reactions. In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process are called substrates, and the enzyme converts them into different molecules, called the products. Almost all processes in a biological cell need enzymes to occur at significant rates. Since enzymes are selective for their substrates and speed up only a few reactions from among many possibilities, the set of enzymes made in a cell determines which metabolic pathways occur in that cell.”

peak-digestive-enzymes and your healthTroy stated that through all of his study in researching enzymes, he understands now that the quality and quantity of life is based on your enzyme level. Dr. Howell began emphasizing the importance of Enzymes back in the 1920’s. Enzymes also are an ultimate immune system booster which is critical in today’s toxic world.

Our body has the capacity to make the enzymes necessary for our lifetime. It is similar to a bank account having a certain amount of money to pay bills each and every month.

People begin to die once your pancreas can no longer produce enzymes that sustain your life and health. By supplementing with digestive and systemic enzymes, we free up our pancreas to make the proteins necessary to sustain our life.

Whole Wellness Club contacted Troy Aupperle in 2008 to create the best available enzymes. The company owners spared no expense in creating Peak Digestive and Systemic Enzymes. The Peak brand of enzymes are of the highest quality available. Many of the people that buy enzymes from me remark about the results they have achieved from using Peak Enzymes.


Chuck in Montana told me that his energy level has improved since he started using the Enzymes back in 2009.

John in Florida has a very healthy blood pressure and pulse.

Luz in Washington remarked that she did not get as tired later in the day since she started taking the enzymes.

If you are ready to order Peak Enzymes, go to my secure site below:

Peak Enzymes

Enzymes and your health is one of the posts on my website that describe how to help your body achieve optimum health and longevity.

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  • Yes..enzymes can really help immune system. Very important for our health with all the toxins and viruses floating around out there. Warm Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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