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The Law – Bible Marking Class 3

The Law

Ten-CommandmentsThe Law is one of the most important subjects covered in the Bible ( Word of God ). Having the word in our hearts is paramount in the times we now live in. God wants us to understand His Character. God’s character is the Ten Commandment Law.

Bible Marking allows you do studies right out of your Bible with another person seeking the truth. Highlighting scripture will make sharing the studies simpler. Colored pencils work best because they will allow you to highlight texts without having magic marker ink bleeding through your pages.

Class 3 covered God’s Law found in the Bible. There will be weekly updates on my blog here as I attend Sabbath School each week at the Seventh-day Adventist Community Church of Vancouver, Washington.

Pastor Roger Walter is the lead Pastor and he is working with Pastor Danny Kim to take the church through scripture study each Sabbath morning. Marking classes are very important after Evangelism meetings as people sometimes can be overwhelmed from learning so much truth in just a short amount of time.

Andrews Study BibleThe Seventh-day Adventist church is a movement to get people back into Scripture. When we study Scripture, we are doing what Jesus did. We read in the Bible that Jesus went to the Synagogue every Sabbath & read from the scriptures.

We can never go wrong following Jesus’ example.

The religious leaders that were on the earth at the time of Jesus’ ministry knew the Mosaic Law and God’s Ten Commandment Law.

Jesus came and died for the sins of mankind and was the perfect Lamb of God sacrificed so all that believe in Him will not face eternal death.

When Jesus breathed His last breath on the Cross at Calvary, Satan’s fate was sealed. The Law of Moses requiring animal sacrifices for forgiveness of sins is no longer required. So it is the Law of Moses that was nailed to the Cross.

1. Choose a color to mark for the topic
2. Make a color mark in the back of a blank page
3. Beside the color mark, write the first scripture & page number
4. Turn to that first scripture. Highlight it with the color you have chosen
5. In the margin beside that scripture, put the next scripture reference & its page number
6. Repeat until the last scripture
7. Write the word “End” in the margin so you know there are no more scriptures


The Second Coming use a Yellow Pencil

The Sabbath use a Red Pencil

Signs of the Second Coming use a Green Pencil

Prayer use a Purple Pencil

The Law

lawPsalm 111:7-8

Romans 3:20

Psalm 19:7 and 11

Romans 6:14-15

1 John 3:4

Isaiah 59:1-2

Romans 3:28-31

John 14:15

1 John 2:4-5

Hebrews 8:10

Psalm 40:8

Revelation 14:12

Revelation 12:17

We learn from studying these verses that God’s Law reveals His Character. The Ten Commandment Law is eternal and has not or never will be done away with contrary to what some people claim. If there is no Law, then there is no need of Grace.

The law that was nailed to the cross was the Mosaic law requiring an animal sacrifice in the Sanctuary Service to be forgiven of sins. The sinner had to bring a perfect lamb or other animal depending on the circumstances of each individual to the inner court yard. This part has always been hard for me to think about as I love animals.

The priest handed the sinner a knife and made ready a bucket to collect the animals blood. The sinner had to place his hands on the innocent lamb’s head and hold the animal down and kill the animal by cutting the lamb’s throat. The priest collected the blood and sprinkled it on the horns of the altar in the Holy Place.

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