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Stabilized Allicin

When shopping for a supplement that contains Allicin, it is our experience that you be careful what you purchase. Most garlic supplements on the market contain Standardized Allicin, which is available at any discount store. I was using a product like that before I learned about Dr. Peter Josling and his ‘STABILIZED ALLICIN’ product called Alligin.

Dr. Peter Josling is known as the Garlic King. Dr. Josling discovered a process that can capture the chemical Allicin when processing garlic cloves with distilled water. Allicin has amazing health benefits for the body. Alligin is 100% stabilized allicin compared to the 4 % allicin garlic supplements you can find in your local health food store.

During flu season, protect your family with Allisure 100 percent Stabilized Allicin. Call me for a free eBook that shows many of the health concerns that Alligin can help. Because Alligin boosts the bodies immune system, your body can fight off infections and heal itself in many cases.

Each bottle of Alligin contains 200 mg of Allisure allicin powder and 100 mg of Ginger powder. The veggie capsules are of plant origin. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Dr. Josling has proven that Alligin kills MRSA and Staph infections in petri dish experiments in the laboratory in the United Kingdom. The anti-viral nature also works on Swine Flu or any kind of colds or flu cases. You can order securely below.

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  • This product is so much safer to put into our bodies than toxic chemical injections. Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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