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Believe In Jesus Christ and Be Saved

Believe In Jesus Christ and Be Saved

Believe in Jesus Christ and Be Saved is a post about finding a path to having eternal life which is a free gift. To believe or not believe is the biggest decision any human will ever face. If you have trouble believing that Jesus Christ:

Believe in Jesus Christ and Be Saved1. Was the Son of God

2. Rose from the Dead

3. Is the Bridge for fallen man to be restored to God

4. Christianity Is the Love Religion

Consider these facts:

Human nature is such that a person would never lay down their life as a martyr for something that was not true. In Acts 4 and 5, Peter & the Apostles were preaching to the Jews in the Temple about the Risen Savior that they had seen with their own eyes. The rest of their lives was spent preaching about Jesus. All of the Apostles suffered tremendously and were persecuted by the same Jewish rulers that put Jesus to death.

Just a few weeks earlier they had run from Jesus when He was taken by the authorities to be crucified. Also remember that no body was ever found & it was impossible for anyone to steal Jesus’ body due to the circumstances of soldiers guarding the tomb.

Believe in Jesus Christ and Be SavedThe Bible has so much to offer us in this world of chaos. Follow Jesus and get a glimpse of Him by reading the small book of 1 John ( it is in the back of your Bible ) daily for 2 weeks and I guarantee it will have a large impact on your life. I ask for the Holy Spirit to guide my understanding & reading of His Word.

Archaeological Science validates the Bible so you can believe in the authenticity of the scriptures. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946 in a desert area of the West Bank just a couple of kilometers from the Dead Sea. These scrolls were preserved in the arid climate. The scrolls contain the Old Testament with the exception of the Book of Esther.

Scientists use the Bible to go and seek out new places to uncover ancient artifacts.

One other powerful note about the Bible is that it is a book that tells of real people that existed and the serious problems these people experienced. King Solomon was the wisest man who has ever lived & he recognized his sinfulness as did his son King David. David committed adultery & had a man murdered & the Bible exposes it all.

John 1:1 from the New King James Version:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

It is smart to believe in the Bible & the power found in God’s Word. I hope that you have benefited reading my post Believe in Jesus Christ and Be Saved.

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